OMTL Day 9: Heart of the Matter


This is the first day of the second section of the book. The “Love Completely” section.

If you only had a month to live, whom would you want to spend the time with? Whom would you need to apologize to? Who needs to be assured today that you love them? What keeps you from spending the time and saying these words now? Make a list and do something about it.

I’d want to spend time with my wife and boys. I’d want to see my parents and brother. I’m pretty quick to apologize when I’m wrong, or even if I’m not, so I don’t have many people I’d need to apologize to.

I made a list of my non-nuclear family members at church on Saturday and I intend to call them. I’ll do at least one in a few minutes at lunch.

Who in your life has disappointed you most? How have you handled that relationship – blame, distance, denial, forgiveness? Some other way? How have the pain and disappointment affected your other relationships?

I’ve disappointed myself more than anyone else has. Seem most of my disappointments have been in business and church dealings. Going through that right now in business. It makes me wary about any business dealings and a little sick to my stomach. I need to figure out a better way to feel about these problems, but I don’t know what that would be.