Tabitha Warm Light

Sometimes when you are shoot you hit a light setup that just works. It seems you can take no wrong with it. This was that setup for this shoot. And of course when you have a model that looks like Tabitha, you could spend all day shooting it.

Tabitha Soft Glamour 3

When I’m looking for a glamour image for a model that is somewhat shy, this is what I think of. A woman in a man’s dress shirt is just sexy. And she’s almost totally covered. The key is to get a natural expression that reflects the sexy and the softness. For the record Tabitha hit…

Tabitha Soft Glamour 2

Here’s a wider shot of Tabitha. You know I mentioned the softbox was 4×6? Well the stand wouldn’t go all the way to the floor. So the bottom would hit Tabitha around her bottom. I ended up getting a char and a stool and having her stand on them. Not that you can tell.

Tabitha Soft Glamour

How about a different kind of headshot. Or would you really call this a head shot. Shooting details: I put one of our 4×6 softboxed behind her and had the Mrs and her boyfriend hold two pieces of foamcore in front of her. They formed a triangle with me at the point. Bumped the blacks…