Favorite Image 2007 #8: Brenda’s Stomach

Love the depth of field and the great capture of the flatness of her belly. Good shadows and the belly button ring draws your eye. Only thing I wish I’d done differently was the panties are a little too much in the image. Would have been cool without them, or pulled lower to capture that…

Favorite Image 2007 #9: Stephanie Glamour Headshot

This is a great headshot take on a bed. The reason I don’t like this shot more is the model gave me trouble over how many images I was suppose to give her. So while I like the image, I’m not emotionally attached to it.

Favorite Image 2007 #10: Erica Pinup

This image was inspired by a Elgrin image. In that one the model is sitting on a table, wrapped in a sheet holding an X-ray. We shot that – with and MRI of the brain, couldn’t find an X-ray – but it really didn’t work. But this one is great. That sexiness you get from…

My Favorite Images of 2007

Was reading on photography forum a post asking you to post your favorite image of 2007. Well it was real tough to pick my favorite. I went back and picked out 10 images and then ranked them. In the middle of future posting them I removed one and added another. They are scheduled for the…

Kelly For Christmas: A belt?

To get y’all in the Christmas spirit, here’s some images of Kelly-Ryan opening Christmas presents. And these are the kinds of Christmas presents we have around our studio. Come back Sunday the 23rd to see more of her presents.