Favorite Images Video

My Favorite Model Images Of 2007 I’m going to be trying my hand at video this year. I’d like to get as good with video as I am with photography. But for now I’m going to appeal to the male demographic on various video sites with this video of my 10 favorite images. I’m enbedding…

Favorite Image 2007 #6: Gothic Ashley

Didn’t shoot much Goth this year. A little with Scarlett St. Vitus, and you’d have to say Pixie came off goth. But my best goth work was this image of Ashley. Ashley is one of the most photogenic and flexible models I’ve shot. Love the feel of this image.

Favorite Image 2007 #7: Lauren Fashion

My favorite fashion image. Though it breaks fashion rules in that the model is looking at the camera. It isn’t high fashion either, with casual clothes. But I like the crispness of it.