Kimberly: Sultry Ren

We were posing on this little bench and she said “I don’t know how to pose with my clothes on. I blame Bobby.” Bobby is one of my studio partners and he shoots mostly glamour nudes. He and Kimberly have worked together a lot.

Kimberly: Portrait

I didn’t do Kimberly’s eyes justice on any of these images, but this show how pretty she is.


Ignore the sound track. There is no limit on how many guns you can carry if you have a CHL. This is over kill and I doubt you could walk with a shotgun down your leg. Maybe we should just have people come to school naked.

Kimberly: Not So Blown

Same picture, but this time exposed correctly. Liked the blown out look in the previous images, and so did she, but I like this as well.

Kimberly: Renaissance Dress

Kimberly and I have worked together a lot with her as makeup artist. But we only shot together once after a workshop. We’ve been talking about it for a long time. Finally we made it happen. She’s in SCA kinds of martial arts and has armor and a really big sword. But that is for…

iPhone Portfolio….With Music

I was reading another Houston photographers blog this morning where she was talking about the iPhone. She, like I, thought the iPhone would be great to keep your portfolio on, so I commented. While commenting I came up with a concept so cool that I had to blog it. The iPhone has a great screen…


I love the feel of this image. So much I’m using her name instead of her title.