Recent Flickr Images

I’m wanting to try out using Flickr for my Recent Portfolio. So here is a Flickr browser. What I don’t like is I have to pick a tag. I’d rather it just embeded the last X images. Or images added in the last x days.

Aspects of Photography

The other night, at the hight of a manic mood swing, I was laying out for my wife some of the things I think help make a great image. Thought I should get these down so I don’t forget. Feeling When I talk about the feeling of an image, I’m not talking about happy or…

Nice Laptop Bag

From the NRA…a laptop bag. While I think it is cool to look military, the bag also looks like it would do a really good job protecting your computer, and have lots of storage. All for $100 bucks isn’t bad.

Anger And Contempt In My Life

M. Scott Peck started his best selling book The Road Less Traveled, with these words “Life is difficult.” Rick Warren started his book, The Purpose Driven Life, with the words “It’s not about you.” Three Things Going On This summer has been difficult, but has also been a growing experience. Three big things have been…

Bodyshots – Mel

First time I met MUA Melissa Mack I thought, “She should model”. She’s shy, but did great here. The oil smells really good, but Mel didn’t like the feeling of it at all. 🙂 Great image though.

Bodyshots – Stephanie

Model Stephanie showed up at the studio for her shoot and my wife goes “I know you!” She was one of the Mrs students at the local community college last year. She’s 4′ 11′, tan and blonde. Makeup was by Mel, but you can’t see it here.

Bodyshots – Kimmi

I’ve added a new portfolio section to my photography website and I’ll feature a few images from it here. The section is called Bodyshots and is right after headshots. It is closeups of the body, especially abs. Here is the lovely Kimmi with makeup by Kimberly.