Media Fast

I’ve been reading the The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich the past few days and it is very interesting. He tells you how to work as little as possible. One of the things he teaches is to eliminate stuff that is wasting your time. One of those is too…

Ashley – On the Couch

We have a red couch in the studio. Ashely had a green robe. And nice legs and pretty skin.

Ban on Stage Weapons

Via Bruce Schneier: In the surreal world of academia, a director of theater banned the use of stage weapons. I’m sure a long rant is called for but this is so stupid I’m speechless.

Being a Victim Isn’t Easy

Les Jones has an excellent article up about second guessing victims. It’s interesting because I heard the same thing around work after VT. There are a few things bouncing around my head that I think are relevant. On Rushing the Attacker. Listen to Suzanne Hump’s story of her father’s death. He rushed the attacker, and…

Amanda – Up Close Headshot

I’d been shooting Amanda sitting on some steps in the doorway of the studio. I moved to sit next to her on the steps and show her some of the stuff we’d shot from the back of the camera. I glance over and notice this great angle.

Brittney – Headshot On Steps in Doorway

My studio is a warehouse. The main floor is about 4 feet above ground level. There is a loading dock in the back – which is unaccessible, and a car ramp in the front. The door in the front has a short landing and some steps up to the main floor. In the evening there…