Xmas List

The Mrs wanted my Christmas list. So here it is. Alien Bee Ringlight Alien Bee Vagabond Battery Pack Tremors Attack Pack DVDs Surefire 6P flashlight Noise Canceling Ear Protection for the firing range Good Eats DVDs 27 pack (249.95) 9 packs are 85.95 10% off if you type FNGE at checkout. A Video capable iPod…

The Forgotten Survival Skill By Ron D.

I entered the Survival Blog’s writing contest and my entry was posted today. I’ve been thinking about writing on phsical fitness as a survival skill for awhile now. So when I decided to enter the contest it was the first thing on my mind. When people talk about preparedness they often focus on the stuff…

Important Houston News

I am not making this up. A houston news headline Sandwiches Rescued in 2-Vehicle Crash.

Internet Help Desk

Has Ron been watching too many internet videos? Blame Digg. Extra funny at the end.

Wallstrip: Gun Show

Looking over Revver, a video website ala YouTube, I found this surprisingly positive story about Smith & Wesson.


I just discovered Galacticast because they won a number of vloggies. They are really funny, especially if you are a Sci-Fi geek. Make sure you check out the SF dating videos, and the zombie care guide.


Had a shoot a week ago and here's the result. Model was found on MySpace. First here's some non-naughty nurse stuff. She isn't a nurse, but I wanted some more commercial stuff for my portfolio. Had some color issues I'm not happy with. Caitlin is a boxer so we shot some stuff with her dukes…