D&D Baby

Via Accordian Guy: A great T-shirt for D&D player offspring.

Great Comercial

This is a great commercial for USA Network’s “characters welcome” slate of series. (If it doesn’t load right to the comercial, look for the Monk in the Diner Webisodes.) In case you know nothing about the characters, the guy in the black leather jacket is from the Dead Zone, the guy he’s talking to is…

Soup Of The Day

I’ve always wondered if anyone has done a podcast that was an episodic drama. Soup of the Day is more a romantic comedy, but it is well done and funny. Technorati Tags: Soup of the day


iTunes is proving its ability to help TV networks. I noticed they were giving the pilot episode of the new show Psych away for free. I’ve never seen a iTunes TV show so I decided to download it to test the experience. The experience was painless, and the show turned out to be very funny….

Japan Strippers and Blood Types

Ever wonder what it is like to an American stripping in Japan? Did you know blood types are like the Zodiac in Japan? They supposedly tell you what your personality is. Technorati Tags: Strippers, Japan

My Kids are Brilliant

Just in case you didn’t know. I have two boys age 13 and 14. The 13 year old wrote this description of his relationship to Jesus in a few minutes. No matter what you think of Jesus, you have to be impressed that a 13 year old has such command of words and metaphor. My…

12 Hours of Sleep

I’ve been really tired the last couple of days, so I decided last night I was going to put in some extra sack time to catch up on my sleep debt. So I went to bed at 7 PM. And when the alarm went off at 7 AM, I still didn’t want to get out…

Another Themed Calendar

This time geek girls. The Screen Goddesses IT Calendar. They’re theme is women in IT, and they use movie image remakes. Interesting concept. And they are taking pre-orders, which I need to do when I get the Goth Swimsuit Calendar shot. Technorati Tags: Goth, calendar, swimsuit