Fashion Photographers

For the record I get laid a lot, but not because I’m a photographer.:) Technorati Tags: photography

Interesting comment

Shelli20050626-021 Originally uploaded by rondavis. Haven’t looked at my Flickr account in a while and found the comment on this image funny. Sure the model will get a kick out of it when she gets back from her honeymoon in Europe.

Glennwood Cemetery Houston Texas

This is an incredible Flickr photoset of the Glennwood cemetery in Houston. I’m taking the weekend off from shooting the calendar and one of the things I’m thinking about doing is taking the family to Glenwood. And my camera, but now I’m a little intimidated. 🙂 Technorati Tags: glenwood cemetery, houston

My Wedding Vows

My wife posted the vow I wrote and said to her at our wedding. If you want some mushiness.

Calendar update

I haven’t really posted much about the goth swimsuit calendar. We are shooting, has been every weekend and we’ve now got 7 images/months done. We may need 13 to include the cover. The models have been great and the shoots have been fun. I can’t really post anything that is actually going to be in…

My response to Dan Dennett’s talk

Yesterday Guy Kawasaki posted a link to some talk given at the TED Talks. I went and downloaded a few because I like or knew the speakers. Specifically I wanted Rick Warren’s and Tony Robbin’s. I noticed that there was a response to Rick Warren by a philosopher, Dan Dennett. I downloaded it too because…

Advice to the Ladies

Sex does not lead to a relationship. It has come to my attention recently that some women believe if they have sex with a guy it will lead to him having a relationship (you know like boyfriend/girlfriend) with them. But it don’t work that way. A guy will have sex with you even if he…