Photoshop Tip: Up and Down a Stop

So you have a wizbang camera with super dynamic range, but it keeps under exposing things. Ok it isn’t the camera’s fault it’s yours. Looks OK on the camera’s LCD, but when you open it in Photoshop it’s too dark. What to do? To raise an image a stop do the following. Select a dark…

More S3 Observations

Last week I had four shoots and I’m learning more and more about new S3. “Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro” (FUJIFILM) One thing that really struck me was it does really well with the low key dark stuff, and not so good with the high key white stuff. I actually think this is because of the…

Johari Window

Ever the glutton for personality tests – is introspective on the test? – I followed Shelli’s lead and signed up for my own Johari Window. It’s a test where you pick words to describe yourself and then have others use words to describe you too. You can see my current results here.


Gun bloggers are loving this comedy bit by Amnesty International. Don’t think that was there intention. Guess I’m just nutty enough to with there were a show like this for real. And it sounds even funnier with British accents.

Trama Watch

Now for something completely different. Violet Blue has an interesting post with excepts from an Emergency Medicine forums about crazy stuff people insert into themselves. Violet’s site isn’t totally work safe, but the post is. At least as long as you don’t read it out loud.

Jennifer and Eide

I had a shoot this weekend with two lovely models, one of whom is 14 weeks pregnant. The shoot started out as a lingerie with Eide, but she might be pregnant and then invited her friend Jen who is pregnant. Jen is very thin and just starting to show. She’s also a very beautiful model….

Your System Is Designed Perfectly

I got a raise on Friday at work and it got me to thinking. There is a saying “Your system is designed perfectly to get the results you are getting”. If you look at your life, and you start thinking about changing it, you suddenly find there is a complex set of circumstance that keep…