New Camera

Went to ImageingUSA this weekend and came back with a new camera. My wife said she knew I was going to get it before we went, but I really thought I might not. But Fuji was offering this free stuff and setting the price on the S3 at all of their vendors at the show….

Presidential Fitness Test

Last year around this time I took the Presidential Fitness Challenge as with my kids. This year I took it with my wife. I won’t post her results but here are my from last year and this year. I can run faster now. I think I did full sit ups this year and curl ups…

Goth Church Service

My take would be a little different and a lot more Protestant, but a more Catholic/Orthodox liturgical service would probably be more Goth. GothicChristianity is advertised in every issue of Gothic Beauty. Technorati Tags: Christianity, God, Goth, Gothic Beauty

Knife Rack

This is from Gizmodo and is too awesome not to blog. A knife holder shaped like a head.

Shooting Jenny

Haven’t posted anything I’ve shot in a while and I’ve been pretty busy. Here’s a couple from my last shoot on Sunday. My wife has been telling me for a while that her hair dresser is beautiful and I should shoot her. Should have listened to her sooner. Jenny was fun to work with and…


Heard about Adobe Lightroom, a new app in Beta from Adobe, today and decided to download it and try it out. Its still rough around the edges and I wished it did some things, but I have to say I’m impressed. I plan on making it part of my work flow right away. Matter of…

MacBook Analysis

An interesting comparison of the PowerBook G4 vs the MacBook Pro(MBP) and MBP vs an Acer laptop with the same processor. The PC comparison doesn’t make Apple look good on a feature by feature comparison vs the Acer. But the Acer is bigger and undoubtedly uglier. Interesting comparison though.

My Birthday

Saturday was my birthday, thought I’d give a recap of the day because I need to blog something. Day started at midnight with a way overpriced Margarita in the San Francisco airport. We were catching the red eye back to Houston and I thought the alcohol would help me sleep. But alas there was a…