More Best of the Best 2 Fame

Meet The Photographers video clip. I’m number 2. And boy do I sound all artsy/deep. Related articles: 10 Models, What More Do You Want? Jessica Hixon Video and Me Technorati Tags: photography, BOTB2

Preacher Culture

Doing a little blog search on Google’s now blog search and found an interesting interview with a former teacher at my al mater Abilene Christian University. The interview is with Jeff Berryman, who taught theater and now writes novels and performs plays around the country.

Getting Rails Back

This was written last week, but I haven’t posted it. So I decided to reinstall the OS and use Locomotive to install all the Ruby on Rails stuff I was missing. It isn’t quite that easy. First you need to reinstall MySQL. And you probably want to install the pref panel. It lets you turn…


I am SO FREAKING READY TO GO!! Las Vegas Supershoot. To paraphrase what I said about BOTB2, “Go to Vegas. Fifteen Models. What more could a guy ask for?” Can I leave now? Technorati Tags: Supershoot, Las Vegas, photography

CHL Holder Shoots Robber

During lunch I heard a story on the radio news, saying a CHL holder in Northwest Houston shot and killed one of two men who attempted to rob him outside his apartment this morning. The story said the man killed had a gun, when he pulled it the complainant pulled his gun and shot him….


“Marked” (Steve Ross) Via Jason Clark: Marked, is the first graphic novel based on a Gospel. In this case Mark. It is a modernized version of the Gospel. Kind of like Jesus Christ Superstar, where you tell the story as if Jesus were in our world. The first time we see Jesus he’s got a…

I Know Exorcism

“Constantine (2-Disc Deluxe Edition with Comic Book)” (Francis Lawrence (II)) A couple of nights ago I watched “Constantine” and it has been stuck in my head ever since. Any movie that has someone flipping off the devil can’t be all bad. It stars Keanu Reeves, hence the catchy blog title, courtesy of my office mate….

Spamwalls are Spam

I just got through going through the process to send an email to someone offering to help them to fix their down website. You don’t know how long I sat seething, thumping my fingers, trying to decide whether he deserved my help given he had wasted my time, bandwidth, mail account space, etc. But in…