10K Kindof


I got to the race bright and early and signed up for the 10K. The first mile was the worst. My calves hurt like crazy. I ended up having to walk part of the way. I was at the very back of the pack. Ya da ya da.

The only thing that kept me going was telling myself I’d only do 5K. But when I got to the turn off point, I decided I still had it in me. Took me a long time but I made it all the way. They were taking things down as I came to them.

The worst part was they screwed up the corse for the 5K. One of the other runners estimated it took off about .5 a mile. They fixed it after the 5K part and the second loop was longer.

Total time for what was probably 5.25 miles: 1:27. So about 15 minute miles. If my distance is correct.

All in all not my most fun experience. I’ve still got a post run headache.

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