eBay Last minute

Via Gizmodo: Last Minute Auctions is a site that lists all the auctions on eBay closing in less than an hour for less than a dollar. Kind of cool. It will sucker you in. I almost bid 3 finishing sanders, thinking I could resell them. But controlled myself. I did bid on a retractable dog…

Nightly Goals

This week I’ve set a goal every afternoon before I leave work about the thing I’ll get done that night. I found I was wasting time on unimportant things, but I really wanted to watch TV, go to the bookstore, etc. So I said, I’ll pick something I want to get done, and once it…


Too few people have heard of these guys. Air Force Pararescue are probably the best trained medics in any military. Their training is crazy, going to schools from all the major branches, while studying for their own medic training.

Random Knowledge

After looking up when the US officially adopted the metric system – yes we did, in 1893 – I decided to look at a random Wikipedia page. Kind of a strange thing to do. Interesting random stuff, and you can keep doing it by clicking the Random Article link in the left side bar. The…


So I decided to sell some stuff on ebay. My never worn motorcycle helmet. And the motorcycle gloves I bought Some Fujicrhome Astia 100 slide film I bought right before going digital


Because the Mrs did it. I’m a Gryffindor!

Kari Byron

Watching MythBuster’s Shark episode last night I could help but notice red headed cutie Kari Byron seemed to be in about every shot. I’m not complaining mind you, just got to be kind of strange since she’s not one of the hosts. And in the internet age I went looking for info and pictures today….