My office mate pointed me to this page that says, “Superman is a Dick.” I didn’t believe some of these covers were real, but look at this Father’s Day cover and this some cover from the comic db. Crazy, just crazy.

Ruby Rails

I’ve got a small, a large and a really large web application development projects in my head and I’m thinking about using Ruby on Rails to do at least the small and large. I’m running under Tiger and found that you really need to look at How To Install On Tiger to get it working….

Cool Theme Site

Introduced my wife to WordPress themes yesterday and upgraded her today so she could use them. Now she’s theme crazy. I found a cool site with a bunch of WP themes in a easy to review theme browser.

New Theme

Well I changed the theme of Reactuate. I was looking through the various WordPress Themes links and found the Elvgren theme and liked it. I intend to change the code that displays the picture to display some of mine instead, but right now I’ll leave it for inspiration. Some cool classic pinup stuff.

Steve Jobs with Depth

OK maybe I’m in the Reality Distortion Field, or drinking the Kool-aid*, but Steve Job’s commencement address at Stanford has some real depth. Do what you love. I like this section: for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my…

Things I need to fix in the blog

I converted over to WordPress and haven’t really tweaked things since I got here. So I’m making a list of all the little things that need to be done. Add a notice to the comment posting page that comments are moderated. Make the read more stuff more obvious. Right now you get three little dots…

Signed up for Triathlon

I was going to chicken out and haven’t really been training, but my buddy wrote and asked where to sign up. So either I tell him I’m a wuss or I sign up. So on July 17 I’m running my first Triathlon. Now I have to get back to training. I was thinking about it…


An interesting article on WSJ’s StartupJournal about a company called LogoWorks, that produces logos. The interesting is the way LogoWorks farms out the work to multiple designers and then evaluates their work. Extra interesting the the artist’s picks vs the customer’s picks for best logo at the bottom of the article.