What I Want: A Creative Team

I’ve got a photoshoot tonight. And I feel somewhat inadequate to the task because there is so much you could do. You could build sets, have professional makeup, provide costume. But to do everything you need to have a team of creative people who can do each of those things. And that’s what I want….

Sin City Quiz

I hate stupid quizes, but I couldn’t help myself. At least I look good naked. Oh, and the dog wasn’t a canabil. It didn’t eat other dogs, it at people. You scored as Lucielle. Lucielle 55% Dwight 50% Gail 45% Marv 45% Miho 40% Becky 35% Manute 25% Jackie Boy 25% Shelley 25% Hartigan 25%…

Zone 1 Bike Ride

Today was the first bike ride in my training. It was a 40 minute Zone 1 ride. This was the first time I ever rode with a heart rate monitor. It’s funny how when you use a HR monitor when running you are seeking a slower pace to stay in the zone. With a bike…

Heart Rate Calculation

I was talking to a co-worker who used to be a personal trainer about how my run seemed really slow and told him how I was calculating my target heart rate. He had another formula that I like better. ((220 – Age – RHR) * %) + RHR. RHR is true resting heart rate. This…

Calories by Activity

Was look at how man calories per gram Carbs and Fat are and found this site which gives you number of calories burned by activity. BTW: there are 4 calories in a gram of Carbs or Protein. 9 in a gram of fat.

Tri Training Start

So I’m officially training for Jeff & Brede’s Intergalactic Triathlon. I didn’t use their training program because I found it totally confusing. Instead I bought the book Triathlon Training in Four Hours a Week by Eric Harr. He has a little self evaluation test and it puts you into one of 4 groups. I’m in…

My Space

I joined mySpace.com yesterday. My space is a Friendster like place. If you’d like to see my profile or become my friend please do. I did it because a model I’d like to shoot with is a member there and I thought it might help me to get in good with her. :> We’ll see.


Ran with no plan today. I’m unofficially taking the week off. But I decided I needed to do something, so I ran 2.25 miles in 25:22. That’s 11:16 miles, which is way faster than the race, and it seemed pretty hard. Now I’m planning my triathlon training. I need to know by this weekend.