You Can Order Anything on Amazon


I’m reading 43 Folder’s article on getting started with Getting Things Done, which I’m also reading, and he links to a “big ass trash can“. The link goes to A little amazing and I’m thinking you can buy anything on Amazon if you can get a trash can. What’s the shipping on a 50 gallon trash can? (Turns out its $14.99, which to me isn’t that bad for something that big).

But of course your mind immediately mismatches and asks “Anything? I bet you can’t but a X.” In my case – for what ever Freudian reasons – I thought a a vibrator. So I do a search on amazon for a vibrator. Well you can, sort of. You’ll have to do the search yourself, amazon doesn’t let me create a link for a search.

Search Now:

If you’ll notice there are some interesting related items on that search. Most interesting to me was the Wet Platinum Classic Personal Lubricant 10 ml Gel Pillow. Not because I need lube mind you – don’t like gelcerin based lubes anyway. But because of the price. Oh, and make sure if you are going to buy you follow the above link. I sure need my referral percentage of that 1 cent. Shipping is $5.45.

Holy crap. If you order 100 – ie $1 worth – the shipping goes up to 198.50!

So shipping is less for an 80 gallon trash can than 100 10 ml packets of sugar gel.