iPhoto and RAW

Apple released a new version of iPhoto, their photo management utility. To me the coolest thing was it handles RAW format from my camera. MacDevCenter has a couple of articles on the new iPhoto, and there’s a discussion of why RAW isn’t always best. But there are a couple of things about RAW they are…

Web Pages That Suck

Every person creating web content should read Vincent Flander’s Biggest Web Design Mistakes in 2004.

Blogroll changes

Did some trimming of the blogroll. Sorry to anyone taken out, but I found myself skipping over whole groups of blogs. Out with the old in with the new. I added a number of blogs to the business category. Really they are not necessarily business focused, but for some reason self-help/goal setting is considered business,…

Fitness Goals

I’m on the road to a turn around with my fitness program. I really want to go full bore on Body For Life, like I did a couple of years ago. But I can’t really make myself want to put that much effort in. The weight lifting is more the issue than the cardio. So…

Health Update

Haven’t posted lately about how the hormone replacement is going. I still can’t tolerate much of the Thyroid. They suggested I cut back the dose, but I’m only taking one very small pill, so breaking it in half would be difficult. Instead I’m just taking one every three days. Haven’t had any elevated heart rate….