There’s Hope For Crappy Screenwriters


That hope is the SciFi channel.

So the other night I’m channel surfing and come across a movie called Anonymous Rex on the SF channel. Reading the description it sounds a little weird. Dinosaurs living among us looking like humans.

I missed the beginning of the movie where hopefully they tell how the dinosaurs got to be even roughly human size. If someone saw it please comment.

Many things to learn from this crazy movie.

– Dinos are very into smell, more than sight.

– They have high tech holo-suits to make them look like us.

– They used to have latex suits. Don’t ask me.

– Herbs are drugs to them. Tarragon makes them homicidal.

The only good thing about this movie was two hot chicks. Tamara Gorski, who I recognized from Angel, where she was the actress who wanted to be a vampire to keep her youth.
And Stephanie Nicole Lemelin(right).

The amazing thing about the movie was some of the other actors in it. Most notably Faye Dunaway. What was she thinking. And a Baldwin brother, but not one of the really famous ones.

So this gives hope to crappy screenwriters everywhere. No matter how bad you stuff is, there is still hope the SF channel will make it.

To top things off, when I’m sitting there for a good hour watching this thing, my son says “Dad, you said this was the worse movie you’ve ever seen. Why do you keep watching it?”

“I can’t stop. It’s like watching a train wreck.”

And just when were sitting there thinking, “How could a movie be worse?”, an ad comes on for Puppet Masters vs. Demonic Toys.

Update: the writing credit for the steaming pile, PM vs DT, caught my eye and it turns out the writer, David S. Goyer, is the writer of the Blade movies. While these movies aren’t high art, they are IMHO good movies.

I saw Blade Trinity Friday night and liked it. I actually saw all three Blade movies this weekend. Trinity was probably the best, with Ryan Reynolds stealing the film.