Spaghetti with chicken

Tonight for dinner I decided on pasta. I went to the Good Eats Transcript for pasta and took some notes.

Then I got some chicken breasts out of the fridge and cut them into cubes. Put a little olive oil and garlic in a non-stick skillet. Liberally salted the chicken and cooked it till brown. I took three batches. As each batch came out of the skillet and into a bowl I added pepper.

Now I was ready for the pasta.

I filled my big blue pot with hot water and added 7 tbls of salt. Brought the water to a boil. I added 4 oz of thin spaghetti and stirred briefly. Then I let it boil for about 4 minutes.

I taste tested the doneness, and we had al dente.

I pour a little olive oil in a bowl and added some garlic. Then I drained the pasta and added it to the bowl and mixed it to coat.

For flavor I had the idea of using raisins and pecans. I threw them in and mixed, which mostly made them sink to the bottom of the bowl.

A taste told me I needed some spice, so I took the easy way out and added some italian seasoning and some parmesan cheese.

Put some of the chicken chunks in the bottom of a small bowl and added the pasta.

Tasted great.