Wish I had one of these when I was a kid

Via Gizmodo: “The Room Defender is a $33 tripod-mounted, foam disc-shooting weapon that has a motion sensor to detect intruders into your kid’s overly-moist room. When someone enters, the Defender gives them a verbal warning, then proceeds to pelt them in annoying discs until it runs out…”

Oleg Volk

I actually think I linked to some of Oleg Volk’s images before as he does some really cool stuff with pretty women and guns which I like. A Human Right is also his site. But I thought I’d link to him again. He has this ability to capture people in a soft white light that…

Spending Money

I’ve been spending too much money lately. Luckily we have it right now. Last weekend we went to the Texas Renaissance Festival and that cost over $200 once you include costume costs. Last night I pre-ordered and prepaid for Halo 2 which is going to be released at Midnight on Monday. That was over $50….

Republicans, Have Some Class

So we won. There is no need to gloat. This is a golden rule kind of thing. Remember how we felt in 1996 when Dole lost to Clinton and we thought the world was going to end and the streets were going to run red with the blood aborted babies? That’s how our Democratic friends…

Election Night Plans

I’d like to ignore the election but I seem unable to do it through will power so I’m going to see Team America instead. Cleared it with the Mrs and I’m not even goin’ home.

Electorial College

Personally I’d like to sleep through today and just wake up tomorrow and see who won. But that isn’t going to happen sooooo…since all the cool kids are doing it…here’s my prediction of the electoral college. I also decided to be an optimist. Personally I don’t think it is going to be close. Either I’m…

Editorial Comic of the Day

Cox & Forkum: On pins and needles. Yeah its partisan, conservative, Republican etc. It’s also probably true.


I’m an old man. At least I feel like one today. Yesterday one of the guys in my small group at church mentioned there was a softball game that afternoon and I offered that I wanted to play. I haven’t played softball ever and no baseball since I was in high school. But hey the…