I don’t follow sports. Not any. But Astro’s fever has got me. I’m sitting here with the Stros up by 6 in the 8th. Hoping for the best, but as we learned yesterday, its not over till it is over. Update: The Simpson’s season premiere commercials are great. Just saw the “Hitting a Homer” one….

Doing Nothing

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve actually been writing code at work and that has kept me busy there and I normally leave the computer closed at home. Also seems I’m always doing something on the weekends. Cleaning house, cooking, entertaining. That was pretty much the agenda for yesterday as well. So today…

All I can say

All I can say is Fight Club. If you’ve seen the movie you’ll get the reference.

If I Stand

I’m doing some searching for deeper things in my life. I’m going over and modifying my personal mission statement. I looked through old life planning stuff on my hard drive and found a song that I used to have in my day planner as an inspiration. If I Stand By Rich Mullins There’s more that…