Hush Part 1: Gross stuff first

Sunday was my best friend M’s birthday and so Saturday night we went out to Hush a new Houston night club with him and his wife (D) and another couple. The Mrs and I aren’t big dancers or drinkers nor have we spent a lot of time in these kind of places. But we were…

Geek Sexy

An interesting article on Sex Tips for Geeks. You know in the end getting laid without paying for it isn’t all that easy and finding a woman to have a relationship with is just as hard. I won’t even talk about how hard it is to have the relationship.

More Good Students

This is a slightly different take on the student helping idea of my pervious post. Here we have a student doing a very bad thing – going on a shooting spree at school – and other students doing something to stop it. This also goes to show why a 22 is not a self-defense round.

Good Students

Things like this story of students rescuing their teacher from an assailant make you feel good about America’s youth. Quick thinking on their part. Written while listening to “Shine On” album Shine On by The House Of Love


I work for a small company with a small office. We have two small bathrooms. But right now the guys bathroom is home to a stray cat. It had to be put there because the other two cat holders are already full. And no I don’t work for an animal shelter. Just seems like it….

Apple Ads

Forbes is running a survey of your favorite and least favorite Apple ads. They unfortuately don’t let you view the ads, but I found this Australian users group site with lots of the ads. Didn’t have one of my favorites “Crowd Control”.

New Years Photo Idea

An interesting thing to do for New Years. A day in the life wants you to take a picture an hour from noon New Years Eve till noon New Years day. We’re having a costume party where I already plan to take a lot of pictures so a few hours of it shouldn’t be too…

What’s Glamorous?

Virgina Postrel has asked on her blog What’s Glamorous and I thought I’d take a shot at it. The first thing I think of when I try to define the term glamorous is photography. Specifically glamour photography. It is a specific style of photography that intends to make the subject beautiful and larger than life….