Are these guys for real?


Look I’m a Christian. Go to church twice a week. I’m not even thrilled with the dogma of evolution as a theory of origin, though it wouldn’t bother me if it were so. But these guys are wacked. They give the rest of us a bad name.

To me the worst part how insanely bad their logic is. For instance this article about how Mac OSX is of the devil. And like Windows isn’t?

I especially like the banner ad for a gospel message in Klingon.

Via Stiletto Philosophy.

Doing a little checking to see if this is just a parody site I found the domain is registered to someone in Zephyr Cove
NV, but there is no Mt. Fellowship Baptist Church within 40 miles of Zephyr Cove. But that doesn’t prove anything. A little searching picked up this blog who is also trying to figure out if it is a hoax or not.

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  1. The Tortured Artist says:

    My guess is that this is an absolutely wonderful experiment in meta-parody. Notice that one of their primary goals in their Objectives section is the shutdown of the website – a parody site which has fooled plenty of people (both pro- and anti- Christian).

    In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if is actually run by the same folks…

    So if a double-negative cancels itself out, what does double-parody do?

  2. Suzi says:

    That’s just so weird. I’m not a geek, but even I know daemons and emacs aren’t exclusive to Mac. (Although I do have to confess that it’s only because I read sci fi.)

    What’s really scary is that it could be true. It’s that believable.

    Their site said:

    [April 25, 2002] We must apologize for Dr. Paley’s recently updated article on Evolutionism Propaganda. He got a little carried away with some of his conclusions — possibly due to his being fed disinformation by some anti-Christian email trollers trying to discredit OBJECTIVE: Ministries. Please bear in mind that Dr. Paley is not as tech-savy as most of us here; in fact he’d be the first to tell you that he is more familiar with the Good Book than he is with a Powerbook. While many of us are uncomfortable with some of the choices in names and imagery used by the mostly non-Christian computer industry, we realize that those are most likely due to ignorance on the part of these unsaved people and not to deliberately evil schemes. However, we do stand by Dr. Paley’s general conclusion that the computer industry needs to be more aware of these theological issues and open to questioning of Evolutionist dogma.

    It’s pretty strange.

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