Was surfing MacDesktops and saw one of Angelina Jolie that showed her tattoo that said “quod me nutrit me destuit “. I wondered what it said and googled it and found this site that lists Jolie’s tatoos and says what it means. “What nourishes me also destroys me” Can’t help but think while I sit…

Cool blog names

I was looking at my referrers and noticed I’d gotten a lot of hits from blog hot or not in the last couple of days. I think it is because a couple of days ago I went and updated the keywords to conform to my categories. This must have moved me back higher in rotation….

Biker babes

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m probably not going to be selling my car and buying a motorcycle. I’m still going to take the class — have to its already paid for — but the ultimate thing was looking forward in time. If I sell my car and buy a motorcycle, in a year…

Legal document

A fascinating legal document about the first amemdment right to say fuck. Written while listening to “Wash My Hands” album Blurring The Edges by Meredith Brooks

How much worse can they suck

While their TV ads are obnoxious in that PC elitist sort of way, the fact their DRM is cumbersome and customer support is nonexistent doesn’t help. Written while listening to “Chained to You” album Affirmation by Savage Garden

Its dead

To bad I couldn’t have invested in the probably outrage would end the ideas future. I’d have made money. At least in the Chronicles story they didn’t say it was betting except when quoting Democrats. Written while listening to “When I Grow Up” album Version 2.0 by Garbage

I like Instapundit

Oh my God!, someone has some understanding of the ideas future issue. Written while listening to “Beautiful” by Jennifer Paige

Idea Futures III

Coming up all over the place. From Sgt Stryker Here’s my comment on the article: The big problem with all the reporting is it isn’t betting. It speculating. One of the ideas behind it is people can put money behind their opinions and other can put more money behind it if they agree. Then it…