Black Homeschoolers


An article that says not all homeschoolers are white religious fanatics. They say “black children are now five times more likely to be homeschooled than they were five years ago. “

As a homeschooling Dad it is interesting to hear this group’s reasons. They aren’t that different, “I want to be looked upon as an individual and as an individual I want to do what is best for my family, “

“‘I’m not going to sacrifice my children to a system where they’re suffering.'”

“We can teach our own morals, we can still say the Pledge of Allegiance, we can teach them about our country and loyalties,”

And my favorite line – required in any article about homeschooling:

Some critics say that homeschooled children might be academically challenged but miss out on valuable social experiences.

“The socialization process today is far more difficult than we really know,” Charles Christian, a University of Maryland sociologist, told The Christian Science Monitor . He notes that a lot of parents “are simply saying that [public] school is not where they want to send their children during their formative years.”

Gosh my kids are missing out on being socialized like this, or this, or this?

And I know the standard response to this one too. “But they are going to have to deal with these things eventually. Don’t they need to be learning how to handle them?” Then why not start at 5. “Hey little boy, should you let that girl suck your dick?” The reason you don’t deal with it till later is because 1) it isn’t an issue at 5 (Or we hope it isn’t), and 2) they aren’t emotionally equipped to deal with it. So you wait until they get to an age where they can understand the implications of what is going on. The problem is if they get exposed to it, they have to deal with it when they are too young to understand. That is more likely to happen when they are in school. And then who will tell them how to handle it? Other students, or their teachers, with parents coming in last. When homeschooling, teacher is parent, and other students are brothers and sisters.

Fact is homeschoolers learn to deal with adult situations better because they learn from adults more than kids in public school. Homeschoolers generally have more contact with adults when they want to know how to handle something. Problem in public school is you learn about what sex is from people who are acting like they know what they are doing, even though they are only a couple of years your senior.

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