Two interesting blog worthy events this morning at church. First it is Palm Sunday and the church had its Easter play “The Borrowed Tomb”. Thing that really struck me was the story is really powerful. Seems strange for a life long Christian to be reminded the story is really powerful. It is THE STORY, of…

Who eats better? You or your Kids?

I had a thought today about who eats better. Today is my BFL free day and I’ve never wanted one more. So I’m eating like a pig. Which really isn’t the best way to do BFL. But that said, my kids aren’t eating all that well either today and it got me to thinking, who…


I really like the song – Pollyanne -I’m listening to by Meredith Brooks. I recently bought her new album and like a lot of the songs on the album. Many of them more than “Bitch”, which is her famous one. Written while listening to “Pollyanne”album Blurring The Edges by

TV Comercials

Found this site via a Fark link today. It has a bunch of TV ads on it. I especially like the Sex at the Office Budwiser ad. There is the Gateway ad CBS refused to run. Doesn’t seem to advocate stealing music to me. Definitely not as much as Apple’s famous “Rip, Mix, Burn” ads…

I think this may be better

Via Fark: I think leaving the statue the way they did was probably better than actually knocking it over. Written while listening to “Sharp Dressed Man” album (Unknown) by


Via Little Green Footballs: A compilation of predictions for the war. Written while listening to “Right Now”album Van Halen Best Of Vol. 1 by

Cool photo essay

Found this via Command Post: Tale of two cities. Written while listening to “Ironic” album (unknown) by

How did this happen?

Reactuate is the top Google search for “Nude Iraqi Women“. I’ve been putting off mentioning how many hits are coming up in my search referrers for fear of making it worse. But now I think it doesn’t matter. The search referrer list seems to be causing the problem. Look at the summary in the above…