Cow Fire

Via Fark: “What are you suppose to do when a cow catches fire?” Written while listening to “Bad To The Bone” album (Unknown) by

Ghost Recon

Mentioned back when I was trying to squeeze in an entry to keep my blogging streak going, that I’m playing Ghost Recon. I’m not generally a First Person Shooter (FPS) guy. But I just played both Red Faction I & II al the way through. Ghost Recon is different though. It is much more realistic….


I’m technically confused. I’ve decided I need to take more pictures. And I really want them in digital form. But I’m not buying a new digital camera because I want an SLR and I’m not willing to spend $1,500 to $10,000. So the next best thing is to shoot film and scan it. Of course…

Madonna’s New Album

So Madonna released a new album. She got some press running up to the release because she seeded file sharing networks with a file that cussed out the people downloading it. Her album didn’t make #1 in Britain on its first week, which they say is bad for her. But what really got my interest…

Mac OSX 10.3 box

This just released. New marketing artwork leaked for Apple’s next major release of Mac OSX, 10.3, code named Panther. Written while listening to “Never, Never Gonna Give You Up” album All Time Greatest Hits by

Red vs. Blue

Via Fark: Here’s a link to some really cool movies made with the Halo game. Its a creative use of a game’s capture feature with their own dialog. Written while listening to “Satisfaction” album Ooops! I Did It Again by

2 minutes to post

Didn’t want to bust my longest posting spree. Hopefully just in time. Beach was fun. Took pictures. Am playing Ghost Recon. That’s real content


It free day and we’re going to the beach this afternoon. Right now I’m eating some microwaved Bagel Bites and looking for inspiration for a redesign of Reactuate. I decided I wanted to do a redesign after I posted the Jullianne Moore pictures. I was struck by the black background image. It was a striking…