I listen to my iPod a lot and am always looking for new music. One great way to find music that is like music I like is to get a peer to peer network like Napster was and GNUTella is now, search for a song I like and when I find it view the files…

Air Force Pictures

InstaPundit posted a picture of an all woman crew of an Air Force plane in Iraq. My first thought was they were all kind of cute. Which just goes to show I’m a chauvinist pig or something that I always evaluate the cuteness of any woman I see. But that’s a topic for another blog….

Hot redhead

From an unusual source, hot or not. Here is a really hot red head. Ahh if I weren’t already married to a wonderful redhead.

Bogus referrers

I’ve added some code to the lgf-referrer script I’m using to block certain domains from the list. Mostly I’ve blocked search engines, since I have them in my other list. But I just figures out two new ones to block today, and is the ping checking that my site has changed….

World Population decreasing?

Instapundit link to another blog commenting on how the New York Times said Paul Ehrich’s book “The Population Bomb” was wrong. It turns out that the birth rate is below the replacement rate in all developed countries and many developing. As economies change from agricultural to industrial and educate their women the birthrate goes down….

Heather Carolin

Every so often you come across a thing of beauty so incredible it just captures you attention. A while back I noticed Heather and was captivated by her. I have a thing for red heads as you can guess by reading my blog. Nicole Kidman is to me one of the most beautiful women around,…