BFL buddy finishes

Sean is my BFL buddy in the blogosphere because we both started a BFL challenge on the same day. He finished BFL this weekend down 35 pounds. Way to go Sean. I of course changed programs mid stream, and while my scale weight is up some since that change, my body fat is down. Here…

Pro-war poetry

And interesting article by a poet who wants it to be known he doesn’t agree with groups of poets who are anti-war. Of course it comes with a poem as well.

Crowd estimates

An interesting article on the actual size of the anti-war protest in San Fransisco. The pictures say it was 65,000 not 200,000. If these figures, in the city which probably has the most peacenicks in America, are off by a factor of 3, what about the rest of the world?

Blast Mapper

I think there used to be an interactive blast mapper here. Now it is just information. I seem to remember entering Houston and seeing where the fallout would go. If anyone knows of a site that does that let me know.

Haven’t been blogging

Sorry I haven’t been updating the blog. I’ve spent most of my online time lately either planning my food for PT, or doing my defensive driving course online. I got a ticket back in November and haven’t gotten around to taking the course. I first went to, but they use Windows Media Player and…

Canadian Perspective

An interesting article from the National Post in Canada about the disagreement between the US and France/Germany over Iraq. Points that interested me: “Americans put their ideals ahead of profits. Think Cuba’s Fidel Castro. Or Libya. Or scores of others that are subjected to Congressional economic boycotts at great cost to businesses.” Aren’t all of…


I haven’t said anything about the Columbia tragedy because I haven’t thought of words worthy of the occasion. I got an email today from the Science Fiction Writers of America and at the top was a poem from one of my favorite authors. These are words worthy. “I pray for one last landing On the…


Got a link off today’s Tidbits about the number 666. The last one is very interesting so make sure you go to the bottom.