BFL buddy finishes


Sean is my BFL buddy in the blogosphere because we both started a BFL challenge on the same day. He finished BFL this weekend down 35 pounds. Way to go Sean.

I of course changed programs mid stream, and while my scale weight is up some since that change, my body fat is down. Here are my changes during the last twelve weeks.

Start Finish
Weight 196.0 192.4
Body Fat 20.7 19.2
Waist 37 36.75
Hips 39.75 38

That’s a muscle gain of .03 lbs, and fat loss of 3.63 lbs. This challenge is a little wonky because I changed in the middle and I think my scale fluctuated as a result. But I’m happy because tomorrow I start Fat Burning and will begin fat loss in earnest.

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  1. Sean says:

    Thanks for the kudos Ron. Congrats on the fat loss and muscle gain thus far. Keep us posted with your progress in this new program. I’m interested in seeing what changes you undergo. Good luck entering the fat burning stage.

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