Building the site.

I actually run three and a half sites right now. But none of them were my personal weblog, so I finally found a domain name I like – even if I did have to make up a word – and started the is site. When I went looking for blog software I looked a Moveable…

Stuff that matters.

Slashdot threads are like car wreaks. If you look you’ll be compelled to keep looking even when you hate what you see. I subscribe to thier RSS feed, so I get sucked in regularly. I want to write an app that watches my browser, sees if I’ve been on a single slashdot page for more…

Cool weather site

Intellicast is a cool website for weather. Just discovered it today. This link goes to the visible satellite for Houston Texas.

This morning

Harris County Office of Emergency Management has a cool rainfall map for Houston. You can actually look at the rainfall in a particular area and when you click on the little rainfall numbers you can see if byous are over their banks. Kingwood, where I live was one of the heaviest rainfalls in the area….

RSS feed is up

I’ve had practice setting up Nucleus, so I got the RSS feed set up real quick. Here’s the URL:

First Item!

So my personal weblog begins. Amid the down pour of rain here in Houston. It is late, after 11. I used to have panic attacks every time it rained when I woke up. I was for some strange phobic reason afraid I’d left the window of my car open or something and rain was pouring…