No posting

You know I wasn’t going to post today. Wasn’t reading blogs so I could get some work done on a software project. Then I got on to read about Apple’s new announcements. The need to add a new RSS feed and that launched my feed readers and poof here I am posting.

Something important happen in our family this weekend and I’m planning on posting that when I get home and have access to the pictures. But now I’m going back to work. Or to read some Apple info on Tiger.

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Elves as cowboys and indians

James over at Hell In A Handbasket commented on a previous post and said on his site that elves can’t be both cowboys and indians.

Sure they can. The problem with D&D is elves, and most of the other non-human races, have become to associate each race with a particular professions/class. Which seems to be what Wizards wants. But when you do your own campaign you can change the races.

For example, I was looking through one of the campaign books – either Forgotten Realms or the new one Eberron – and they have dwarves of different colors.

I was looking through Unearthed Arcana at the book store and they had a set of desert versions of all the races. Desert elves herd cattle. Those are the cowboys. Desert Dwarves don’t have stonecutting as a skill, that’s practically sacrilegious. They specialize in drilling water wells. I’m already planning on have dwarves that specialize in drilling oil wells. Wildcatter dwarves.

It seems to me a very elven to be nomadic people concerned mostly with the horse and the hunt like the Indians of western Texas were. Are those barbarians?

So I’m going to have both. Right now I just discovered King Ranch in South Texas and plan on integrating it into the campaign and am trying to decide if I want it to be an elven kingdom or just a human one.

And I should point out I’m not looking at any one time period to build this fantastic Texas. King Ranch was well after the republic period, but its just too good to pass up a ranch that was bigger than Rhode Island.

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Saturday Gaming

Saturday night I played the first adventure in my new Elves of Tejas campaign and on Sunday I played in a No Limit Hold’m tournament on

Actually I’m still in the poker game. This is my best night ever. All the tournaments start with 400 people. The highest I’ve ever made it was 246 and right now there are 192. We just finished the break and I’m playing pretty tight.

One of the books I read prior to going to vegas had a set to rules for what hands to play pre-flop. I’ve got a window open with these rules in it. I pretty much play them, though small pairs seem to hold up pretty well in this tourney, so I’ve played a few of the. Not getting anything now ( 4h Js – limp in, bet after got another jack. Got beat by JQ.)

Here’s the rules:

AA KK QQ AKs AQs – raise and raise
JJ, TT, AJs, KQs, AK – raise
ATs, KJs, QJs, JTs, AQ – see flop unless you have to call 3 or 4 blind
99, 88, KTs, Q10s, J9s, T9s, 98s, AJ, KQ – limp in

86 folded

2K folded

Mostly getting crap still. Had to tighten way up after the beat.

176 players left

6Q fold

AsJc limping in. Flop Jd10d 8d – big raise – folded

Pair of duces – called a raise, nothing on the flop but a big raise, folded

This is kind of distracting my play, so I’ll just come back when it is over.

Finished 109. Drowned on the river. I was low and went all in on a pair of nines. There was a side pot that eventually folded out. My head’s up was an AQ, there was 6446 on the board. The river was an Ace and Ron was out. Oh well it was close and as high as I ever got.

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Oatmeal-Chocolate vs. Pumpkin Spice

I think it is another example of how John Kerry and his wife are out of touch with general Americans. Every election Family Circle has a Election Cookie Bake off.

This year Laura Bush put forth her recipe for Oatmeal-Chocolate Chunk Cookies. How can you not like chocolate chip cookies, and these are big chocolate chips. And the second best cookie is oatmeal. Put those two together and you got a winner.

Heinz Kerry put forth a recipe for orange colored cookies. Who want’s to eat an orange cookie. Especially one that doesn’t taste like an orange. A pumpkin cookie? Come on.

Maybe you are suppose to eat it with ketchup.

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More tweaks

Spent some more time with Ruby this evening and wrote a script that parses the prefs file for NetNewsWire and generates and HTML version of the subscription hierarchy. So now my blogroll is hierarchical, like it is in my new reader.

I also added some code to filter out folders or URLs whose name is in parens. So you don’t have to see the feed for this site, or other feeds I read but would like to keep a secret.

And now that I’m showing my feeds to the world, I decided I needed to reorganize them. Which isn’t a big change to you, but mattered to me. Also drop a few and re-added one that was in my site list.

Some other changes happen as well. For some unknown reason when I upgraded Nucleus the site list’s format got screwy. Well I needed to weed it down a bit anyway so I did. Then there were so few links I decided to move it below the blog roll.

So now my blogroll is much more like I want it and I can stop messing with things.

Really I’m going to stop now.

UPDATE: Couldn’t stop myself. I added the date the blogroll was updated on.

I am going to stop now.

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I’m going to upgrade my Nucleus 2.0 install to Blog:CMS, so things may not work right for awhile.

CSS change

Well if you’re not completely blind you’ll notice I updated the site’s look. Mostly it was a pure change to the CSS. There were a few template changes that still worked with the old look. It was just too dark, and blocky.

Guess I need to post something about it for those people who only use RSS. Now you know to come look at it.

I’m still tweaking. I’m also going to do something with my blog roll to get it categorized and maybe censored. Sounds like a job for Ruby. Actually it sounds like a job for AppleScript, but NetNewWire Lite isn’t scriptable.

Elves of Tejas

I mentioned in my previous post I’m working on a campaign world. My working title is The Elves of Tejas, which it won’t ultimately be called because the story isn’t really about elves.

My goal is to have an adventure with the feel of Texas in the mid 1800s. Over that time it drove out the Mexican army, formed its own government and ultimately joined the union. Now take that sparsely settled – by the white man – area and populate it with the fantastic races and monsters of D&D.

Elven cowboys and indians.

Wildcat oil dwarfs.

The Texas Rangers

The Alamo mission

The possibilities are endless.

Another thing I want to do is work out a monotheistic religion. James has attempted monotheism in D&D and I will too. I’m inspired by Elizabeth Moon’s Deeds of Paksenarrion.

Which by the way is the best fantasy series ever written. I don’t say that lightly. If you play D&D and in particular if you are partial to paladins, you have to read that book.

Back to a monotheistic religion. Like Moon I intend to have a High Lord, the one God. He may have more than one name, but the same character across the races. Everyone good follows the High Lord, but depending the things they have a special passion for, they will devote themselves to a patron saint. You end up with saints like Gird, a common man turned warrior who lead the peasants in a revolt against the aristocracy and is now the patron of people and warriors who over throw tyranny. Or Lord Falk another patron of good warriors in Paksenarrion, but whose story we only hear bits of.

I’m not putting those exact characters in my world, but there will be saints like them

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