Day 1

My first day on the new diet. For the first three days of the diet you can eat all of one meat type you want – I picked beef. You can eat all the raw green vegetables you want. You can eat 2 eggs. You can eat 2 oranges. You have to drink 80 oz of water.

I did all of that yesterday. I also rode my bike around 7 miles. I washed and was my new car.

I got up this morning and I had lost 3 pounds in one day. Which is cool even if it is all water.

I also feel like crap. I’ve got a headache. My stomach isn’t happy. I’m tired.

The Mrs. said she felt bad for the first 9 days. I’m hoping I have a higher constitution score than she does and will get over it sooner.

Soon the Mrs and I are going to Saltgrass for steak and salad.

PowerBook battery

I’ve got two batteries for my 15″ PowerBook. One last about and hour and the other last two or three. Sean posted a means of finding out the capacity for your batteries. So I ran it on good batter and then switched and ran it on bad battery. Here’s the result:

Good “IOBatteryInfo” = ({“Capacity”=4075,”Amperage”=1200,”Current”=400$
Bad “IOBatteryInfo” = ({“Capacity”=1485,”Amperage”=1200,”Current”=876$

Good one isn’t at full strength either.

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Sunday Afternoon Poker

Just got finished playing for about an hour on Pokerroom at the .25/.5 table. Went in with $20 came out with $37.50. That almost puts me back even.

Tried to play a lot tighter. Found myself chasing a little and won one on luck at the river.

My first two hands at the table were JJ and KK. Jacks didn’t hold up, but the kings turned out to be top hand at the show down.

Written while listening to “Why Can’t This Be Love”
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by Van Halen

Real Money

Played my first games with real money yesterday. It took a long time to get my account set up.

I played a little on PokerRoom in the late afternoon and was up a few dollars. I play holdem at the .50/$1 limit tables.

Then I played longer at the same table in the evening and lost a few bucks.

Then I played in the $5+1 buy in tournament and finished 101 out of 322.

I need to be more disciplined in my play. I play too many hands.

Starting over again

My last fitness related post was 10 months ago. That’s the last time I really did anything fitness wise. I have tracked my weight almost daily since then. It has been heading north for awhile now. I’m at 205.3 this morning, which is as high as it has been since I started my BFL challenge.

So I’m going to lose some weight and I’m going to do some conditioning. Tomorrow I’m starting the same diet my wife is on. She’s lost 20 lbs in two months and they tell her guys lose it faster. And she hasn’t done any exercise during that.

I told my boys, probably a year ago, that they needed to either do a Martial Art or Boy Scouts. But I didn’t push them to do it. Now I think it is time to get back to that. So I asked which one they want to do. They both said a Martial Art. There is a Tae Kwon Do place just around the corner from us, which would be very convenient. But personally I think TKD sucks.

Opps strong opinion.

I took another Korean martial art, Kuk Sool Won. There is a school near us in Kingwood, and we’re going to go visit a class soon. The problem is they are probably kind of expensive. We’ll see.

That wasn’t really a distraction from the fitness post, because I’d like to take it again. But the reason I quit was I was spending too much time at the Chiropractor. I think I could lower my injury quotient if I put on some muscle first. I’d also like to have a little cardio capacity first.

So I’m starting a program this weekend. I want to avoid the super soreness I experienced last time, so my lifting is going to be very light for awhile.

Immediate goals:

1. Start eating clean.
2. Do one light full body lifting session.
3. Ride my bike at least 5 miles.
4. Wash and wax my car.

These should cause a sweat make me lose weight. I’ll check back on Monday with starting weights and measurements and maybe even pictures.

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Wanting to cry at work

I’m not a big crier, but I wasn’t able to finish this article and picture of President Bush hugging a young woman who lost her mother in the World Trade Center.

I got there via Willow’s link to an article on a picture of President Bush running with a solider who lost his leg in Afghanistan.

The thing I love about Bush is he’s genuine. These are staged for the media. The media ignored both of them. You don’t keep up with a enlisted man as the commander and chief because it is your job. You do it because you car.

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by Cars


Don’t normally remember my dreams and I’m pretty sure I’ve never blogged one, but last night was an interesting one.

There was some dream before this where I was defending some woman from her psycho ex-boyfriend. It involved me pulling Walt a lot. But that’s not the dream that woke me up this morning.

My office at work is getting ready to move in a month or so. My dream had us moving into a multi story old building. My two office mates and I had this weirdly shaped room and I spent a lot of time arranging my part of it which involved an entire bedroom set. The other guy’s part of the office looked out the windows, but mine had a bed in it. I remember wall outlets and ethernet plugs being an important variable to placement of furniture.

Then I was a little kid and I was exploring the rest of the floor. Across the hall was this room that looked like a dog kennel, with lots of chain-link fenced pens. As I walked down the aisle out of the corner of my eye I would see movement, and I knew if I looked I would see something horrible. I knew this had been an asylum. The horrible Victorian or Eastern European kind of asylum. But worse. People with their bones showing through flayed flesh. Parts of human beings dragging around cells. Skeletons in heaps.

But in true horror movie fashion, when ever someone else would come into the room, it would be an empty dog kennel. I asked why we had a dog kennel, but no one would answer. (We keep cats at work, though you can bring in your dog).

So I figured the place was haunted. But you see I don’t believe in ghosts. I do believe in supernatural beings, both good and bad. So the thoughts in my mind were that the place was demon possessed. When the child me was left alone I discovered rooms full of strange demons, and I would turn into a full grown doctor who would command these demons and bring them to the kennels of the insane for some nefarious experiments. There was a balcony at the end of the cells and if you walked out there you say the panoply of Hell. Demonic creatures ripping people apart etc.

I realized this wasn’t a haunted, or even demon possessed building. It was gateway to Hell itself.

I was still the child inside the doctor and the last thing I remember was this guy coming into the kennel – and it switched back by his presence – and my trying to tell him about Hell being there. Then I turned back into the doctor and my child voice was crying out to save me. But he was afraid and ran away as I was “dragged” off inside the doctor’s body.

When I woke up, in that state of half consciousness – my first thought was “You were calling out to the wrong guy for help.” And I had this half-dream of my child self calling out “Jesus help me” and a white circular explosion going out from were I was, destroying all the Hell in the building.

Then I was fully awake and came up with a whole story about a group of Christian exorcists being called to the building. How they would have each have been disappointed and thought God has left them hanging but was really guiding them to the building.

The African missionary whom a prophet told he would fight the greatest evil of our time and then his mission board brought him home before he did anything about it. How he got off the plane in NYC – where the building was – and got called to the building.

About the group of Vineyard style third wave prayer team in NYC for a conference and prayerwalking past the the building, when Doug E. Doug comes running out.

And about the rich, guy with the nice car, in NYC on vacation, who everyone looks at and sees as shallow and materialistic, but who has the simple faith that says there isn’t anything that can stand against the name of Jesus.

OK now I’ve blogged my first dream and story idea.

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