WordPress Archive Popup Menu

I’m trying to my the Mrs. blog have the theme she wants with the features she wants. She was using a really ugly one because it let her collapse the things in the side bar.

The first thing I wanted to do and I wanted it for my blog too, was to make the archive by month a popup list.

WordPress has a tag that helps with this wp_get_archives. You can choose to have it output option tags, which are what a select tag needs. After a lot of hunting and Google seaching I found the snippet of code I needed.

<form action="" name="pulldown2">
<select name="mypulldown2"

<option value="">Select</option>
<?php wp_get_archives('type=monthly&format=option'); ?>

Now to add it to my blog.

New Theme

Well I changed the theme of Reactuate. I was looking through the various WordPress Themes links and found the Elvgren theme and liked it.

I intend to change the code that displays the picture to display some of mine instead, but right now I’ll leave it for inspiration. Some cool classic pinup stuff.

Things I need to fix in the blog

I converted over to WordPress and haven’t really tweaked things since I got here. So I’m making a list of all the little things that need to be done.

  • Add a notice to the comment posting page that comments are moderated.
  • Make the read more stuff more obvious. Right now you get three little dots that you can’t click on and you have to click Comments to see the rest of some posts
  • Make the line of options under each entry better.

That’s a start. I’ll edit this entry as I find new problems. And I’ll stop editing once I fix them.


Since I’ve moved from Nucleus to WordPress the URLs for RSS feed have changed. I tried to make it seamless but that didn’t work, so you’ll have to resubscribe to the feed.

This seemed a good time to convert to using Feedburner to do my syndication as well, so the URL isn’t even on my site. You can use this link to subscribe to.

Nucleus to WordPress

I’ve converted Reactuate blog to WordPress. It was a relatively painless procedure using the script I had written for my wife’s conversion. Unfortunately there are probably some broken links, but they are mostly old.

I’ll make it look right after while. Right now I’m going to go enjoy the Incredibles with my family.

Nucleus To WordPress

I use the great web hosts DreamHost and they recently added one click install of WordPress. So I decided last night to move my wife’s blog from Nucleus to WordPress. Here’s the note I added to DreamHost’s knowledge base as a warning.

A couple of tips from my experience moving a nucleus blog to WordPress. I took the last sentence of this article as a suggestion and installed WordPress in a subdirectory which went quickly and easily.

I ended up writing my own custom PHP to transfer the posts, categories, and comments. There is a script floating around, but it just didn’t work.

Here’s the really important tip:

Change your blog URL in the WordPress options before you move the files via ftp.

After I was sure WordPress was up and working, I create a folder and put all the nucleus files in it. Then I copied all the WordPress files to the root of the site. Then I could see the blog, but couldn’t log in. I did some serious hacking to try and get in, but couldn’t get log-in to work. Second I tried changing the blog URLs in the database. Still didn’t get it. Finally I moved all the files back to the subdirectory. Logged in. Changed the base URL (in both places in Options). And moved all the files back to the root. Which worked.

I was able to move over 900 posts and 300 comments from Nucleus to WordPress. My wife loves the link features.

I haven’t decided what to do about Reactuate yet. With the script I used for her blog I could convert Reactuate fairly quickly. But I still feel like if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.