Tiffani Thiessen

White dress
Blonde in Bed

Today is Tiffani-Amber Thiessen’s birthday, so I thought I’d feature her as cheese cake.

I first developed a prurient interest in her after watching her go under cover as a lesbian on last Friday’s Fastlane. I watched a few episode of Fastlane in the past, but didn’t put it on my TIVO wish list any more, but this episode looked interesting. And it was.

Then I went looking for information on her. Turns out she’s been on a number of shows, including Saved By The Bell and Beverly Hills 90124. (Pardon me for not linking to those shows). She was also Miss Teen America.

I often get her confused with Yasmine Bleeth. Another dark haired blue eyed beauty.



D.J. Wallis was featured on this site a few weeks ago as a consummate fitness babe. Today I found her website and thought I’d post it an new pictures from it.

I love some of the copy that goes with her pictures from magazines. Like, “No bathing suit can contain all of her sultry beauty. This budding fitness superstar has the look of a classic Hollywood star. Her warm demeanor and dewy eyes invite her audience to dove right in.” or “D.J. Wallis isn’t a product of some human coloning experiment, but rather natural selection at its finest, combining brans and brawn with a down-to-earth affability that belies her truly outstanding DNA.”

Rachel McLish


The other day a guy the BFL list I’m on said when he needed to push out a couple more refs he imagines Rachel McLish urging him on. That reminded me of Ms. McLish. She’s the “First Lady of Fitness”, and author of Flex Appeal and Perfect Parts. One of the early pioneers in women’s fitness. A multiple time winner of Miss. Olympia, before it became steroidized.


Of course it should be pointed out her breast are new. And I have to admit she looks better with them. But her body is the product of lots of hard work. And she has a beautiful face as well.

The internet is an amazing thing, but it failed me with Rachel. No it wasn’t because I couldn’t find new pictures. It was because I couldn’t find a biography of her. Did a google search and got a lot of link sites, but found no bio or personal website. Update: Did a yahoo search and found this page.

While looking for pictures I found the MagicLight Productions, which is the site of photographer Robert Reiff who did pictures of a lot of fitness babes. Including the watermarked picture of Rachel.



Haven’t posted any pictures in a while so I dug out these pictures of Cameron Diaz. She’s quite the chameleon. Here we see her with dark and light hair. Make a dramatic difference in her look.

I still remember the first time I saw her in a movie. It was The Mask, and the opening scene has her coming into a bank out of the rain with this tight, long, red dress. There is a slow motion pan over her figure, as seen by the two enamored bank employees.

She play the cute super pilot/driver in Charlie’s Angels. Immortalized by her underwear dancing.

But I didn’t even recognize her in Being John Malkovich with John Cusack. He’s one of my favorite actors, though that movie was a little creepy. But good.

Clothing as art

Lately I’ve been shopping for women’s clothing and it occurs to me that clothing is art.

Let me explain in more detail. I’m a rare breed of man, who likes to shop for clothes with his wife. I do this for a number of reasons, the number one being that I’m better at picking clothes than she is and she looks better in clothes I pick. There is also the feeling that when she gets a new nice looking outfit, I get a new woman. She looks different and its an erotic thing.

But enough about my psyche. We were recently looking for clothes and went to a number of stores. And it turns out the most expensive ones were the ones with the best clothes. Why is this? Really cost of goods doesn’t explain it. While the more expensive outlets are probably made with better material, that isn’t enough for the price to triple. The law of supply and demand says the price is higher because people are willing to pay for it. If it isn’t the material that makes a person willing to pay more what is it?

It’s the artistic quality of the dress.

They look better. That means they are more pleasing to the eye, just like a Rembrant is more pleasing than a lesser artist’s work. Creating clothing that makes people feel a particular thing – normally some sort of attraction to the wearer – is art.

As an aside, I will often say a particular piece of clothing looks “upper-middle-class”. I don’t really like things that look this way and I just realized what it means. A “upper-middle-class” outfit looks expensive, but doesn’t convey a feeling of attractiveness. It conveys, “I’ve got money to spend on clothes, but I don’t want you to feel good about me.” This goes with the kind of woman who doesn’t want men to like her, usually because they’ve been too much trouble and pain in her past.

Oh Nicole

A Hot Bath

Nicole Kidman is, in my humble opinion, the hotest woman around. She’s stunningly beautiful, and I have a thing for red heads. Of course she’s not always a red head.

She’s also a good actress with a lot of range. I was going to put up a picture I’ve got of her in a backless dress, but since I already did a backless number with Gillian Anderson, I decided on this one.

I’ve got a link to a blog about being able to pick five members of the opposite sex you will probably never come into contact with but would want to sleep with. Nicole is the top of my list.

Hard Cheescake

D.J. Wallis

When you are working out you start submerging yourself in the fitness lifestyle and culture. You start reading fitness books, blogs and magazines. We went to the book store today and bought 3 – Muscle Media, Energy, and Muscle and Fitness. So when I got home I started looking at websites. I found Muscle and Fitness’ site and found their gallery of pictures.

The picture to the left is of D. J. Wallis, and fitness competitor and hard body. Another thing about working out and looking at fitness pictures is you realize how lean D.J. is in this picture. Look at her abs, they’re exceptionally clear for a woman. and under her bikini bottom, on the side that has the three lines, you can see more muscle definition. I know from my reading that this is competition leanness, which she can’t maintain all the time. And like all cheesecake photography, lighting is used to highlight curves.

Still I’m impressed.