I really like the magazine T3. It’s from the UK and is a gadget wonderland. Interspersed with babes. There was a short lived American version during the internet boom, but it died long before my subscription ran out. It’s the reason I get Business 2.0.

I just found they have a website. Go check it out. The heartbeat sound effect is kind of cool, but any involuntary sound from a web site is wrong.

Ads have to be entertaining.

From: Marketingfix.com

>71% of TiVo users fast forward through ads

But do they fast forward through 100% of ads? As a avid Tivo user I find there are two things that keep me from FF through comercials.

First is I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll let a comercial break run rather than pause and FF when I get back.

The other reason is I see a cool looking ad during FF. Some ads catch my attention and I’ll actually rewind to see them.

To me an ad, on TV or the web, is a form of entertainment. Therefore it needs to be entertaining. It if is I’ll watch it. If it isn’t I won’t.

The ultimate in entertaining advertising are the BMW Films. The Hostage showed up on my Tivo as a special feature, ie BMW paid Tivo for special placement, and after I watched it I, for the time, actually wanted an expesive German car.


I’m a Tivo addict. I used to have a DishPlayer from DishNetwork and it was cool, but it didn’t have as many features as Tivo does.

When I dropped sattilite to cut back on costs, I bought a Tivo to go with the cable I had to have for high speed internet. Now I’m hooked. I’m thinking about going back to satellite, but I’ve been waiting for the new Tivo receivers from DirectTV to come out. They are almost here.

But the point of this post is if you are interested in Tivo and want real world information, go to Tivo Community