Beautiful Redhead Mary Clark

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a long time. To make it up to you – at least to the male readers – here is a new video blog I’ve started watching. Bikini News.

If I weren’t a happily married man, I would have a major crush on Mary. Redhead. Beautiful skin, great figure, wonderful blue eyes. And funny.

But according today’s show I’m going to live longer from watching.

Episode 65: Bikini News out on the Town!

She has a post about Virgina Tech where she puts forth some ideas about gun control that I would disagree with. Especially ironic she used Japan as an example when the mayor of Nagasaki was killed recently with a handgun. Doesn’t mean they don’t have don’t a lower crime rate, but is ironic.

Relevant video of a victim in the Killeen mass shooting.

And Mary if you are ever in Houston, contact me and I’ll take you shooting and remove a little of that fear. And I’d love to do a photoshoot with you.

Stupid Customs Stuff

Via a comment on Tom Kyte’s blog. He has a post about them trying to search his laptop for porn at the border and not being able to figure out the computer. In the comments one poster talks about the stupidest thing he’s seen at customs.

…the strangest thing I have seen was during the UK’s binary liquid explosive scare a security guard confiscating bottles of liquid and pouring the contents into a large container, then handing the empty bottles back.

Snap. Visual Link Preview

Via Duck Tape Marketing Blog: offers a free tool that shows previews of links when you mouse over them. It is real easy to install, you just put one line of javascript in your page header. Then anytime you over over a link you get a preview of the site. Sometimes it takes a second, but it finds a lot of site instantly.

For instance it knew Reactuate Photography immeadiately. And the Goth Swimsuit Calendar.

I’m not sure about the usability, or the traffic implications, but it is at least cool enough to add for now. Feel free to let me know what you think of it. And comment if you decide to use it on your site and link back here, I’d like to see what it looks like.

My Version of Asides

Ben at Open Switch – my new favorite Christian blogger – seems to have started trend with asides. He is at least making it famous because Personified gave him credit for the idea.

Now I like the idea, because I often am surfing and find an article, page or site that is interesting enough for me to want to save and mention, but the post would be really short. I’ve decided I don’t want a lot of short posts. So what to do?

The aside idea put forth by Ben uses a special category that has the asides in it. Since I’m essentially bookmarking these tidbits around the web, I decided to just use my online bookmarks via To make them blog like, I make sure I add a meaningful description to each bookmark.

So if you look at my side bar you’ll see a list of the interesting things I’ve come across on the web, with a short description. If for some strange reason you wanted to subscribe to these, all you have to is use my RSS feed. I’ll add a link to the template to make this more obvious.