is a group blog with some great photography. I stumbled on it and was really impressed by the quality of the photography. And the styles are varied because there are so many bloggers.

New blog link every week

So John Scott has come up with an interesting idea and contest. He’s put up $10,000 in prizes for bloggers that link to other non-A-List blogs. The theory is that people are A-list because they get lots of links and they generally only link to each other.

I gave up long ago on Reactuate becoming an a-list blog. It’s got a PageRank of 5, which is dang good, but I don’t really want to make it into a job. It’s very much a personal blog. But it would be good to find other blogs and post about them.

So I’m committing to posting one blog a week for the next 6 months that I like. Sometimes they will be from my blogroll, but hopefully they will also be new. I’ll create a new category for these posts so they will be easy to find.