How To Find the Private Key For the Delicious API

I’d like to write a python script that looked at my Delicious Bookmarks and checks to see if they are dead links. This is possible because Delicious has an API. And you can just ask for what you want by asking for a specific URL.

That works fine as long as you don’t want your private bookmarks. If you want them, you have to:

{key} = a security key for the feed, which can be found via the page associated with the feed (eg. inbox, network or bookmarks). Allows visibilty to otherwise private data.

But there is no explanation of how you find the key. It says via the “page associated with the feed”. But it’s not. Not anymore, because Delicious changed its look and in the process hid its RSS feeds.

As an aside, when did RSS because pariah? Google drops Readers, Delicious hides its RSS feeds. What’s up?

But you can still find the needed private key by signing in to your account and going to{username}/

Over on the right side, you’ll see something like the image at the right: Delicious Sidebar

The URL for the “Private” link has your key in it.

You can get it by right clicking and using “Copy Link” or your browser’s equivalent. The private key is that big bunch of letters and numbers after the “?private=”. Just put it on your request URL the same way.

BTW: this key may change if you change your password.

Making iTunes Subscription Easy

I’ve got two podcasts, one for model photography and the other for EMTs. They are both in iTunes, but it can be something of a pain to find them. Sure a user can search for them by name and they show up, but you’d really like them to be able to just type something into a browser and be taken straight to the iTunes subscribe page.

Plus in a podcast you need to say the URL and iTunes URLs are complicated. Too complicated to say and expect people to type it. Plus they often aren’t in front of a computer when they listen, so they need to be able to remember the URL to subscribe.

So what I do is tell them to “Enter into any browser”. Which is easy to remember, easy to type, and gives me the power to change things in the future if I have to.

To do this I use an Redirect command in a .htaccess file. Most Unix based webservers allow these files and you can do a lot with one. But we’ll focus on just doing the iTunes redirect.

At the root of the directory on your web server you need to have a file named .htaccess. It may already exsist, especially if you are using blogging software like WordPress.

Since the file name begins with a period, it is normally invisible in Unix and may not be displayed in your FTP client. Tell your client to show invisible files to look for it.

Once you find the file, open it. Or create a new empty text file and name it .htaccess.

You will need to enter the following in the file.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
Redirect 301 /itunes
Redirect 301 /iTunes

The key lines are the Redirect 301 lines. These tell the server to tell the browser to go somewhere else when a URL ending with iTunes comes in. Also notice that I have two lines because I found ModRewrite was case sensitive. There may be a way to do it so it isn’t but I don’t know it, so I just made two lines. Sometimes people remember the capital T and sometimes they don’t.

Remember I said the file may already exists because you are using WordPress? Well just follow the directions in the .htaccess WP created and don’t put your lines in the middle of theirs.

Should iTunes change the way they do their links in the future, I can change the URL here and nothing has to change anywhere else. Heck I use the /iTunes URL for links on the page, like the Subscribe in iTunes buttons.

This makes it much easier to tell people where to go to subscribe with iTunes. You could adapt this to a lot of different uses, but this will get you started.

Vote Andre Rene Again

I spent a couple of hours last night shooting and editing a comment for the Andre Rene voting. When I went to bed last night she was way ahead, but right now she is behind by 1 vote. Someone may be stuffing the ballot box.

Go Vote Andre Rene

Here is my video comment from Seesemic. I used CamTwist and SoundFlower to get the shot video into the comment.

Seesemic is interesting. It isn’t so much a video sharing site, as a video forum if you will. The whole idea is to start threads of comments and follow-up video comments.

123 Meme

Ben didn’t tag me but his 123 meme seemed interesting and I happen to have a book next to me so I tried it. Of course the book was One Month To Live, because I have it at work today for my lunch meeting with a coworker.

  1. Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. No cheating!
  2. Find page 123.
  3. Find the first 5 sentences.
  4. Post the next 3 sentences.
  5. Tag 5 people.

Here’s the three sentences.

“God can never use you. In fact, God is ashamed of you because you’ve blown it. And blown it again and again and again.”

Talk about context. The fifth sentence, the one right before this quote, is “Satan comes to us and whispers,”

Tag: The Mrs, Linoge of Walls of the City, Countertop, James of Hell In A Handbasket, Shelli.

Shirley Manson is Pretty

As a red head or a punk blonde. And she can sing. A co-worker turned me on to Garbage over a year ago, but it wasn’t until today I realized they had a total hottie as lead singer.

Funny Quote

I discovered one of my models and MUAs Kimberly – who was suppose go to the machine gun shoot with us – on MySpace today and she had the funniest quote I’ve ever seen there. It made me laugh hard.

“Staying in bed shouting OH GOD does not constitue going to church.”

Waiter Rant – Hard & Soft

Don’t often link to other posts just because I like them. Don’t know why, but here’s one from Waiter Rant. Discussion in a dog park with a cop about a serial killer. Great story to show you that there really is nothing new under the sun.

I’ve been contemplating what I’ve learned in my 42 years lately. One is that you are rarely as smart or wise as you think you are.:) But one of them is every generation thinks their problems are new. Solomon said otherwise 4000 years ago, and it is still true today.

Waiter Rant – which is one of the best story blogs you can read – shows that wackos aren’t a new phenomenon. It has nothing to do with the “new” gun culture in the US. Nothing to do with violent video games. Nothing to do with politics. Its just the human condition.

We like to think that partisan politics is a new phenomenon. That the way Democrats and Republicans hate on each other is worse than it has ever been. Do you not remember that we had presidential candidates dueling each other in the past? And there was a civil war once.