British Talk Funny

But it makes their women sound sexy. This isn’t meant as a criticism of how they talk.

This came to me because of this article by a British journalist about American troops in Iraq, where in one of the later paragraphs, says an American Captian did something “off his own bat”. It thought at first he was saying he was crazy for doing it. But I think it means he was showing initiative.

Also why is a New York Post film critic embedded in Iraq?

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A new site that lets people with camera phones post their pictures. Is it a requirement you only post pictures of people’s butts? The first time I ever saw a camera phone in use was at a strip club. Doubt they will allow that for long.

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Salam Pax

Iraqi blogger Salam Pax has been found and will be writing for the UK Guardian. An interesting if pressified story about him.

Instapundit says change was to make it politically correct. I think that’s true only if making the Guardian look good is political correctness. They changed it so people won’t think Salam thinks the Guardian is related to the devil.

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Iraqi Blogger back

Salaam Pax has some new posts on his weblog. They are a very interesting first person account of living through the war in Bagdad and the aftermath. There’s some controversy about whether he is real or not. I think these posts indicate he is very much real. There are just too many verifiable facts. An interview with a NYT person. The name of his employer.

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