Anime: Neon Genesis, Real Bout High School

After spending time at an amime con and watching one series all the way through, I’m not kind of into it.

Yesterday I finished the “Neon Genesis Evangelion” disk I had from NetFlix and wanted more. I’d Tivo subscribed to an Anime show called Full Metal Alchemy, but it hadn’t recorded anything yet. So after the family ate dinner we stopped by Blockbuster and I went looking.

I didn’t really know what to get, but there had been a funny snippet shown at the con of some kind of all girls school where the girls had super powers. The scene was of a girl yelling at a “kiddie” who had gotten off the train at the wrong stop. This went on for awhile. Then the girls went to class and they were going to have a new teacher. Of course it turned out to be the “kiddie”. I wanted to see the rest of the show, but didn’t know the name of the show.

I ended up renting Real Bout Highschool, which is about a private school where they settle arguments in a “K-fight”. The main character is Samurai Girl a kendo expert in a school girl skirt that show her panties everytime she fights. Those wacky japanese. While the show wasn’t that great, it was interesting and you do what to know what happens next and what the answer to the mysteries are. So I’ve added it to my que.

I also put Trigun at the top of my que. The main character of this series – Vash – is a very popular cosplay character. I show at least two Vash’s Saturday. And he carries a big cross around and I want to know what is up with that.

It is also interesting to see Christianity in Anime. Its there, so far I haven’t figured out how it fits in.

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O-Chibicon 2005

Spent a big chunk of yesterday at O-Chibicon 2005 here in Houston. I went Friday night just before midnight to take pictures of the scantily clad cosplay competition. There weren’t a lot of cosplayers there, but it was interesting. The most scantily clad person was the MC, Jacqi, And yes there are pictures.

Photography aside: I don’t shoot a lot of events, so I don’t own a camera mounted flash. I have to use my popup flash, which really sucks. So the pictures of this event weren’t so great. Also could have used a longer lens. I was going to rent a flash, but the place I called never called me back.

Saturday we got there about noon, and set up my studio lights. I was going to have seamless but stupid ass Amovana kept that from happening. (They still haven’t even shipped the thing). But I did set up my studio light and shot pictures of anyone who was in costume. Those will be up for view sometime this week.

I was going to charge a sitting fee, but decided I’d rather spend 4 hours shooting, and probably make no money, than spend 4 hours mostly telling people what it would cost and having them not be interested. I hope to make some money on prints. And everyone did sign a form allowing me to use the pictures pretty much anyway I wanted in return for them being able to use the web versions all they want.

I also shot the main cosplay competition Saturday night. That was an experience as well. There were lots of cool costumes.

All in all I took 419 pictures. I’m thinking I may put them all up on Flickr instead of my main portfolio site. This will allow lots of people to see them by chance and also easily let people comment on them. I really need others to comment on them so I can know who the characters are. I figure people can add their own tags to do that via Flickr.

This is my photostream on Flickr right now. I may have to sign up for the paid version so I can get more sets.

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No Robots with Breast?

I don’t agree with this guy, but he’s funny in making the case against robots with breasts. It is especially interesting in light of just finishing Chobits last night, which is really about robot replacements for real women.

Why weren’t there male persecoms?

And the author has a list of the good and the bad from Japan

Japan, I thank you for giving me the Playstation, Trinitron TV sets, Final Fantasy, Takeshi’s Castle, Pocky, sashimi and the lovely Nanako Matsushima.

I can forgive you spawning cosplay, Pokemon, and knee-high schoolgirl socks with ridiculously short skirts on obese schoolgirls. I can even forgive karaoke.

I of course am not against cosplay and even intend to stay up after midnight tomorrow for the photo op of a scantily clad cosplay competition.

Hammering In My Head from the album “Version 2.0” by Garbage

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Why I’m not getting anything done.

Since I’m going to the anime con this weekend I decided I needed to watch some Anime. Actually it started before than when I was going to shoot these two cosplay girls. And I used their list to put some anime in my Netfix que.

“Chobits – Persocom (Vol. 1)” (Morio Asaka)

The only two I kept up with were Chobits and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Neon is a little and Chobits is kind of cutsey. But I can’t stop watching Chobits.

There are lots of innuendo and open references to porn. The main character is Hideki the quintessential nice guy. And his persicom – Chi. A Persocom is an android, almost always female. In Chi’s case she doesn’t have the normal programming and has to be taught everything, just like a child.

But there is something secret going on. Chi is way more powerful than a Persocom should be. Its the mystery that has kept me interested.


Babs writes about her self in third person, which is actually a very interesting way for a blogger to write. At least it is different.

Right now Babs is in Japan. Her writing style and those wacky Japanese are more than worth the read.