Family Preparedness

Have I not been paying attention to Hell in Handbasket? I mean I subscribe and read him everyday, but missed this post. Caught it in the Chronicle of Cordite.

James talks about how to be prepared as a family. Good stuff that deserves some thought. I think its time to teach the boys to shoot. Of course I don’t feel qualified. But I need to figure something out.

He also had a great article on how a shot gun is the best self defense gun.

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Looter Quote

From InstaPundit: “If you’ve got a week’s supplies, and a gun, you’ll usually do okay after a disaster.”

Related story about property owners protecting themselves.

Update: Another quote from the article that inspires a rant.

“Yes, in a sense it’s wrong, but survival is the name of the game,” said the woman, who would not identify herself. “I’ve got six grandchildren. We didn’t know this was going to happen. The water is off. We’re trying to get supplies we need.”

What do you mean you didn’t know this was going to happen. You were told days in advance the city was going to be hit by a hurricane. You were told to leave. At least if you wouldn’t follow the advice to leave you could have prepared by getting a weeks worth of groceries.

This lady is either, stupid and lasy, or just a big liar.

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Talk to Strangers

Via Les Jones: Security expert Bruce Shneier says Talking to strangers is the best security strategy for kids in distress. He’s been saying it for years.

I like this quote from the article and his book. “In a world where good guys are common and bad guys are rare, assuming a random person is a good guy is a smart security strategy.” We too often forget that there are more good guys than bad guys in the world.

In a non-related counter prevailing wisdom he also says writing down your passwords is a good idea.

UPDATE: This site has pulled me in and Bruce’s blog is now in my blogroll. Another good one is his solution to identity fraud – make it the credit card companies problem.

Fitness and Survial

I haven’t written a survival entry in while, but I’ve had one percolating in my cortex of a while now. And today I discovered a new blog Paratus that inspired me to take a few minutes and write it out.

When most people think about survivalism or preparedness, they think of crazy gun nuts preparing for WWIII. But when preparedness people start thinking about survival, they think about having the basics – water, food, first aid, transportation, self-protection – to allow them and their love ones to make it through a situation.

But I’ve never heard a survivalist discuss the role of physical fitness in survival. And I’m not talking about living longer because you are in better shape. I’m talking about when the SHTF, are you going to be able to come through it alive.

In general the average urban dweller isn’t prepared to deal with disaster. If terrorist were to set of a nuclear weapon in downtown Houston, most people would wait in their homes until the authorities told them what to do. While they were waiting a cloud of radioactive dust would be upping their risk of cancer.

A survivalist would have a plan. They’d know the best route out of town. They’d have a Bug Out Bag ready to grab and go.

But I’ve never heard a survivalist say they run every week so they would be able to run in a survival situation. You could very easily be in a situation where you needed to walk out of a danger zone. Or where you are being chased. Or where you need to be in another location by a certain time and have to get there on foot.

Recently I told my wife that by the end of the year every member of the family needed to be able to run 2 miles over uneven terrain. She’s currently building up her endurance, the boys we’ll start in the Fall when it is a little cooler.

Kim’s BOB

Back August of 2003 I posted about the contents of my Bug Out Bag. Today Kim du Toit posted some of his bug out stuff.

It was a reminder to me that we need to check out the bag and make sure things are up to date. It also reminded me that things have changed in our family. We have a dog now. Beagles are actually hunting dogs and would probably useful when she gets older. Especially if we do some training.

Also the boys are bigger.

I made some comments that might be relevant and that I want to remember so here’s a link to the comments.

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