World Population decreasing?

Instapundit link to another blog commenting on how the New York Times said Paul Ehrich’s book “The Population Bomb” was wrong.

It turns out that the birth rate is below the replacement rate in all developed countries and many developing. As economies change from agricultural to industrial and educate their women the birthrate goes down. And this is happening all over.

This was a bit of a mind blower to me. I’d never heard any one say there was an alternative to the world’s population going up. I knew the US’s birth rate was below replacement, but didn’t extrapolate this to rest of the world. This has major implications to the future of the planet. There is every probablity we won’t fill up and burn out the planet.

One of the reasons I though man would eventually get around to actually exploring the universe outside our own atmosphere is we’d need the room. What will be the motivation if the world’s population doesn’t get any bigger than it is now, or even decreases?

If the whole world is industrialized, the the world population would go down. What would this mean? I think the would be a point we’d level out. I wonder where that would be?

Any way interesting stuff. I like to think about the future and this puts a whole new spin on things.


Today I had to subscribe to TidBITS a Macintosh newsletter I’ve subscribed to off and on for as long as I’ve owned a Mac. Which is a long time, considering it has been my livelihood for 12 years. The editor spent a third of this weeks issue tell us how he was angry and sad about the war in Iraqi.

I’m just getting tired of the anti-war, anti-Bush rhetoric from the left. All of the reasons people give don’t hold water with me, while they never want to address the problem of Hussan’s defiance of the UN for the last 10 years. Now we are rushing to war.

On a related note, here’s a blog listing all of the UN resolutions against Iraq over the last 12 years

There are lots of problems in the world, but the ones most dangerous to the US are coming out of the Middle East. One was obvious Afghanistan, though they didn’t have the weapons Iraq has and the people we knew were the terrorist we not the government. But we went in and freed the people of that country and changed an unjust and oppressive government. Just like we are going to do in Iraq.

Some would say we shouldn’t because we supported Iraq once many years ago and that in someway makes us responsible to Hussan’s behavior ever since. Does anyone remember why we supported Iraq? Because they were attacking a country that had taken our diplomats hostage and kept them for over a year, while the US did nothing. Then days before a new “pro-war”, ie. tough, determine and willing to do what it took, president was sworn in, they let them go. They understood the threat of a determine US.

Any way there are lots of reasons for (2) this war and they have been delineated all over the web. I don’t need to spend a lot of time on it.

As this blog is more personal than that, the point of this post is I’m tired of listening to people on left talk about how they represent me and the people I know. It just isn’t true. I work in a small company in Houston and all of the people here are “pro-war”. We all think it is a good idea to stop Hussan no matter what France or Germany say. This weekend there will be a Rally For America (2) here in Houston. Normally I wouldn’t go, but my feelings of backlash

Not so afraid

The other day I wrote an item about being afraid to fly because of the crap Airport security can give you.

Today I read this story by Penn of Penn & Teller. For some reason it makes me feel a little better. I guess it shows if you are willing to be inconvenienced, and engage in conflict you can still win. Of course this was a person with some notoriety, unlike myself, but people are watching for this kind of thing.

Power to the people!

Fear of Flying

I used to love to fly. When I was a kid I lived for it. One of my cherished childhood memories was when my Dad got us tickets to go on a sample file on a DC-10. The DC-10 had just come out and they had these 30 minutes flights where you took off, flew around Tulsa Oklahoma and landed again. It was my first time in a plane.

And I loved flying even as an adult. I always looked forward to business trips because someone else was paying for me to fly. When I worked for Apple I flew all the time, and while it got tedious, it was still cool.

Now I’m almost afraid to fly. Its not the act of being in the air, its the process of going to the airport. Stories like this one just scare me.

My wife and I flew to Vegas less than a month after 9/11. We weren’t afraid. Odds of being blown up were slim and everyone knew highjacking like 9/11 would never work again. The passengers now know not to go along.

The next time I flew was to New York for the MacWorld convention in July. I was “pulled out” for special attention in NY. Probably random, but it doesn’t matter. You know you are at the mercy of the person checking you and there is nothing you can do about it.

Stephen King says his worst fear is to be at the mercy of people who have none. That’s how I feel about airport security. I know not everyone, nor even the majority of people working there want to get me, but if one says I’m wrong, then boom, I’m a criminal. And there is nothing I can do about it, accept be meek and mild.

And I’m not really looking forward to the fact I’m flying next month to MacWorld San Francisco. All because I don’t want to go through airport security.

The terrorists have one. I fear flying.

Why the Deomcrats lost

Couldn’t stay out of politics. Reading new blogs did it too me.

I think in America winning an election is less “getting people to vote for you” and more “getting your people to vote”. And the Republican’s voted. Democrats didn’t. It like the whole country is so lazy that it takes a major pissing off or worry to get people out to vote.

The Democrats pushed issues that didn’t really worry their people, and didn’t piss them off. But these pushes did piss off Republicans. As did other things, like Wellstone’s funeral, and the NJ bait and switch. I remember thinking those things bothered me, but I couldn’t do anything about them because I didn’t live in NJ or Minnesota (Thank God). But they did motivate me to make sure I voted. And apparently they motivated lots of people to vote. Lots of Republicans. Democrats were embarrassed and just didn’t care enough to get out and vote.

And people were worried about terrorism. The Democrats didn’t ever come off as doing anything about it and just getting in the way. Bush was doing something. So people who were worried voted and voted Republican.