Sunday Afternoon Poker

Just got finished playing for about an hour on Pokerroom at the .25/.5 table. Went in with $20 came out with $37.50. That almost puts me back even.

Tried to play a lot tighter. Found myself chasing a little and won one on luck at the river.

My first two hands at the table were JJ and KK. Jacks didn’t hold up, but the kings turned out to be top hand at the show down.

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Real Money

Played my first games with real money yesterday. It took a long time to get my account set up.

I played a little on PokerRoom in the late afternoon and was up a few dollars. I play holdem at the .50/$1 limit tables.

Then I played longer at the same table in the evening and lost a few bucks.

Then I played in the $5+1 buy in tournament and finished 101 out of 322.

I need to be more disciplined in my play. I play too many hands.

Poker History

I’ve decided to write down all of the poker I play and how I did. Since I’m writing it down, of course I am going to blog it.

Sunday night I got on and played some single table tournaments on pokerpages and poker room. I’m in the process of getting a account so I can actually lose real money, but it hasn’t come through yet. So part of the reason I was playing was to get a feel for how people play on the two services. I think in general pokerpages have better players, which is logical as it is a poker school first. Poker room has worse players and worse software.

Now worse players is a good thing from my perspective. I’m not sure yet which I’m going to play. I won’t be able to play these single table tournaments because the minimum buy is in $100, which is going to be my whole bankroll. I will play some multi-table tournaments because the buy in is small and you get a lot of play. Probably spend some time on low limit tables as well, trying to build the bankroll.

Anyway, here’s the play for Sunday night.

1. Single table, pokerpages, finished 5th.
2. Single table, pokerpages, finished 6th.
3. Single table, pokerpages, finished 1st.
4. Single Table, pokerroom. finished 1st.

One thing that really sucks about pokerroom is how they handle the last hand. I won the tournament, but don’t have any idea what I won the last hand with. As soon as the tournament is over the text just says you won, not what you won the hand with. Then five seconds later it closes the window. You can’t get a hand history either.

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Poker Again

Best beat of the game. I had a pair of jacks, so I raised. Guy to my right bets enough to put me all in. There are 212 players left and I really want to get under 100 tonight. But can I lay down pocket jacks? I won a big pot earlier with pocket jacks. My little hand chart says to raise with JJ, but not reraise. I decided it wouldn’t get better and went all in. The raiser had a pair of kings.

Expletives deleted.

But just like you can drown in the river it can save you. River was a jack. My play was mostly right, but I won because of luck.

Next hand I go in, after folding a number of them, I’ve got QQ on the big blind. Everyone folds.


Well I’ve made it to the second break. There are 56 players left and I’m one of them. I’m not the worst off but not the best by any means. Bluffing will not work because I have 22,500 and the big stack is 262,00 and there is a 248,000 as well. They’ve already be betting more than I have. So unless everyone has crap, I’ll probably be pushed all in.

Even later 12:25AM…

Finished 54th. Not bad and a new record.

BTW the tournament was No-Limit Texas Hold’m at

Since I seem to be doing this alot, I’m adding a new category for poker. I’ll go move some old messages into it.

Poker Again

106 tonight. I could have folded and probably made a couple more points and beat last night, but I also might have one the hand. Oh well.

I’ll post about the big event tommorrow.

Update: Opps I went back and look at last night entry and I was 109. So I did beat my record.

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Saturday Gaming

Saturday night I played the first adventure in my new Elves of Tejas campaign and on Sunday I played in a No Limit Hold’m tournament on

Actually I’m still in the poker game. This is my best night ever. All the tournaments start with 400 people. The highest I’ve ever made it was 246 and right now there are 192. We just finished the break and I’m playing pretty tight.

One of the books I read prior to going to vegas had a set to rules for what hands to play pre-flop. I’ve got a window open with these rules in it. I pretty much play them, though small pairs seem to hold up pretty well in this tourney, so I’ve played a few of the. Not getting anything now ( 4h Js – limp in, bet after got another jack. Got beat by JQ.)

Here’s the rules:

AA KK QQ AKs AQs – raise and raise
JJ, TT, AJs, KQs, AK – raise
ATs, KJs, QJs, JTs, AQ – see flop unless you have to call 3 or 4 blind
99, 88, KTs, Q10s, J9s, T9s, 98s, AJ, KQ – limp in

86 folded

2K folded

Mostly getting crap still. Had to tighten way up after the beat.

176 players left

6Q fold

AsJc limping in. Flop Jd10d 8d – big raise – folded

Pair of duces – called a raise, nothing on the flop but a big raise, folded

This is kind of distracting my play, so I’ll just come back when it is over.

Finished 109. Drowned on the river. I was low and went all in on a pair of nines. There was a side pot that eventually folded out. My head’s up was an AQ, there was 6446 on the board. The river was an Ace and Ron was out. Oh well it was close and as high as I ever got.

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Vegas Trip

Well I’m back from Vegas and wishing I were still there. It was a fun trip. I finished about even gambling wise, but of course came home with no money. The thing that really drained me of funs was eating. I was with a group of guys with more money than me and we ate at a couple of five star restaurants, which cost an arm and a let. I had the best steak – in this case buffalo rib eye – I’ve ever had at the Valentino in the Venetian.

Played a lot of poker, about 20 hours. First at the Palms and then at the Mirage. The Palms is the most smoke filled casino around. Of course it also most of the hottest women around. On Thursday night I sat around at 1 AM and girl watched for over an hour.

More later, I need to do some work.

Vegas on my mind

I’m at work physically but not mentally. Got off the phone with my buddy who is already in Vegas and now I can’t think about anything else. Glad I decided not to work tommorrow. I’m going to sleep till noon to get my sleep cycle set to stay to “what time is it?”

I’m planning on playing poker probably at either the Palms or Excaliber. Both of these offer free lessons, which is a draw. The Palms has a reputation for having young, drunk, stupid players with money in their poker room, which is just the kind of person I want to play with. Excaliber supposedly has a low limit tournament on Saturday, which might be fun. Playing in a tourney is different from playing just to win hands.

If I start to really like poker, I may be making some trips to Louisiana in the near future.