Jennifer Paige

Grab the song “Crush” off file sharing awhile back and really liked it. I’ve tried to get more of her music but couldn’t find it on file sharing. I went to her website today and have to say it is well done. You can click on audio/video and select a song and it automatically starts playing. At least from her new album, the old album is in real format.

Too bad her songs aren’t in Apple’s music store, or I’d probably already own them.

Buying music you stole.

Sitting at work talking to another guy about the fact he’s “conflicted” when he thinks about buying songs he’s already downloaded off a file sharing network. This is especially interesting when you consider that the 2 of the first 3 songs I bought I already had.

Now a record company exec might say his conflict proves their view of file sharing as right. But I’d say it proves it wrong. What it says there is a desire by file sharers to actually pay for their music, but they don’t want to pay for a whole CD if they aren’t getting $19 worth of music they want.

I bought an album [Beautiful Garbage by Garbage. Preview “Shut Your Mouth”] after I listened to all the tracks and found 7 of 13 that I liked. Even if I hadn’t liked the other 6, I still paid for the whole album.

Another co-worker came in and I asked her about buying music she already had and she said a couple of the songs she bought the first day she had file shared, but most of them were stuff she hadn’t been able to find to buy.

Written while listening to “Summertime”
album (Unknown)

by Will Smith

Madonna’s New Album

So Madonna released a new album. She got some press running up to the release because she seeded file sharing networks with a file that cussed out the people downloading it. Her album didn’t make #1 in Britain on its first week, which they say is bad for her. But what really got my interest was this article (scroll down to find the Madonna story). I think the ending really hit it on the head.

“If record (CD) buyers don’t rush into stores for either of these items, it won’t be entirely because the product is bad. It will be because the era of purchasing music in stores is over for those who matter (kids). There has been an essential change in the way music — and soon movies — are delivered to consumers. The only people unaware of this are the record companies. It’s as if the old milk men who used to deliver bottles of the cold white stuff at dawn refused to acknowledge the rise of the convenience store.”

I hit the file sharing network to grab the new song “American Life” and didn’t really like it.

Written while listening to “Ironic”
album (Unknown)

by Alanis Morissette


I really like the song – Pollyanne -I’m listening to by Meredith Brooks. I recently bought her new album and like a lot of the songs on the album. Many of them more than “Bitch”, which is her famous one.

Written while listening to “Pollyanne”
album Blurring The Edges

by Meredith Brooks

New Albums

Been doing some file sharing since I got into AudioScrobber and found some songs I like and went a bought the whole albums.

t.A.T.u200 km/h in the Wrong Lane. This pseudo-lesbian teen band from Russia actually has pretty good music. Their biggest hit is “All The Things She Said”, but “Stars” and “Malchik Gay” are good too.

Meredith BrooksBlurring The Edges. “Bitch” is the most famous tune off this one and it is good, but there is a lot of other good stuff. I also like “Shatter” and “Somedays” and “What Would Happen”. This is raw chick music. By that I mean most of the lyrics are about what its like to be a single woman. But not in a mamby-pamby way, but in a straight on rock kind of way.