Weekend Movies

I watched two movies this weekend I’ve been putting off for awhile. Chasing Amy and Dogma. Both are Kevin Smith movies, in the progression of Clerks, Mallrats, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

I’m in general not sure how I feel about Kevin Smith’s stuff. In a lot of ways it is gross, stupid and inane. But I’m not sure if that is in a bad way. I remember as a child of the 80’s really being into John Hughes movies, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles etc. They really seemed to capture my experience growing up in suburbia. Kevin Smith does that for the stoners of modern suburbia. Of course now I’m a middle aged father of two, whose biggest worries have to do with money, body fat and children. Chasing Amy isn’t going to help me with those things.

Dogma, is interesting because it is a movie of Theology. I watched An Evening With Kevin Smith and in it he said he really believed in Jesus Christ and what he had done for us, but had a real problem with the Catholic Church. Which really is the theme of Dogma. And I can understand that. Christ is cool, but the church is made of people, and people aren’t always cool.

Still these movies are fascinating. Chasing Amy does take you into the world of the homosexual lifestyle and how it works in the minds of those that are part of it. (An interesting aside on this is Smith’s discussion with a lesbian in Evening). The biggest bummer of Chasing Amy is it doesn’t have a happy ending.

Any way if you want to check out Smith’s stuff. Start with Mallrats, which is my favorite.

Mel Gibson and Jesus

Heard about this on the radio last night and went and found the transcript on Fox News. Seems Mel Gibson is making a film about the death of Jesus. Apparently a very graphic film.

And I say, more power to him.

Its strange people are giving him crap about a movie about Jesus. To me Signs was a blatantly Christian movie, but nobody seemed to notice. Why is that? Because it was scary? There’s lots of scary stuff in the Bible – including Jesus getting killed.

I should point out Gibson wasn’t whining about the criticism either. He said, ” I think he’s been sent. So, that’s the way it is. You got to deal with these things. I’m a big boy and I can take care of myself. And you can say what you like about me. I’m a public person, I suppose, although I don’t ever remember signing the paper that I said I had no rights to privacy. But you can pick on me.”

Of course Bill O’Reilly, the king of outrage, was the interviewer and he seemed upset about it.

Smallville stories

Allison Mac

I’m a fan of the WB’s Smallville show – one of the few favorites I have that haven’t been canceled.

There are a couple of interesting stories about upcoming episodes, including one with Christopher Reeves and one with Chloe and Clark getting wild. Personally I find Chole [Allison Mac] a lot hotter than Lana.

And yes I know a 38 year old (today) man probably shouldn’t be calling Allison hot. Of course I like her not really in a sexual way, but in a she’s more fun kind of way.


Got a new toy this weekend. A DirectTV satellite receiver with TIVO built in. I wanted the receiver because satellite’s picture is so much better and with the TIVO built in you get a great TIVO picture.

See with a normal TIVO you take an analog TV picture, which isn’t that great to start with, and then you digitize it. Since this is done in real time there is only so good a job you can do. This means you lose some quality.

With a satellite receiver you don’t do any compression because the satellite is already sending a compressed digital signal to your computer. Satellite providers have entire rooms of processing power doing the compression and they get really good compression. Then this signal is just saved to the hard drive in your TIVO.

I used to have a Dish Network DishPlayer which worked like this. I did like it, but once I used a TIVO for a while I understand what really good software can do. TIVO just does it right.

Of course the bad news it that it looks like my DirectTIVO is broken. I hooked up the dish and it died during set up and now it won’t even let me see what the signal strength is. And this happen after Best Buy was closed so I couldn’t take it back. Oh well, delayed gratification is a character builder.

Die Another Day


Finally got around to seeing the new Bond movie Die Another Day and I liked it. It was much darker than previous Bonds. More like the books were. You know by the time you get to the silhouetted girl credits, you know you are in a different kind of movie.

Didn’t seem as over the top as 007 usually is. There was talk that because of XXX, this movie had to be bigger. There was plenty of big stunts, and huge explosions. Saw the trailer to the new Charlie’s Angels movie and it was WAY over the top.

Halle Berry was the good kick butt Bond girl and did a good job of it. She wasn’t as cool as Michelle Yeoh, from Tommorrow Never Dies.

I’m torn now over which movie was better as Tommorrow and Die are my two favorites.

Battlestar Galatica

If you can ignore the arrogant tone of a director who thinks all current SF is crap because it looks like SciFi, this is an interesting article. They are thinking of doing Battlestar Galatica as a mini-series in a documentary style. One of the things I find most interesting is they say the sets will be functional. So they are going to have to come up with a engineering philosophy for a giant battle cruiser. They seem to be thinking of it like an aircraft carrier.

I like Babylon 5 a lot and felt it did a lot of what these people are talking about. Its space fighters handled like they were in micro-gravity and not handle like aircraft ala Star Wars. It had a grittiness to it. The sets did often have cheap look to them but I’ve mostly been watching the first season lately. But it always looked very functional.

I take it the battlestar isn’t ever going to mean aliens, otherwise there will be cultural issues to deal with.

Farscape comercial

I’m a big fan of Sci-Fi channel’s Farscape and it has been canceled. There is a movement on the net to save it you should participate in.

The latest cool thing is a home grown commercial. Good concept even if it has a bit of an amateurish execution (the lighting is horrible and the shots are too far from the subject for the intensity they are trying to create.) They should do a Apple Switch ad type thing. Though maybe with a black background.

But it actually shows the power that has come to people because of technology like iMovie.