A true test of ITunes in Kung-Log

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[REMOVED RUSSIAN CHARACTERS](Nas Ne Dagoniat) from the album “200 km/h in the Wrong Lane” by t.A.T.u.

Which is in Russian. Now it has inserted the correct text into the edit window. But how will it translate to the web. Also there is a known bug in the XML-RPC library they use that doesn’t like encodings other than US.

Guess that says it all. Really isn’t Kung-Log’s fault, but something to think about.

UPDATE: I had to removed the Russian characters because Safari was puking on them and wouldn’t let me click on some links.

17″ Powerbook

I mentioned in a previous post that I saw the 17″ Powerbook at MacWorld SF and Sean asked me to give more of my impressions.

Didn’t get to use it that long. But the screen is really big and there is a lot of space around the keyboard. Like a TiBook, but wider, maybe 2 or three inches from the keyboard to the side of the machine on both sides. This means it probably won’t fit in my backpack sleeve as my TiBook barely does.

I have a 17″ iMac at work and there is a lot of screen real estate.

The keyboard feels nice. To me keyboard feel is important as it is to a lot of people, but it is also subjective. I just read recently some one who hated the feel of the Aluminum keys. I didn’t notice the material and like the feel of the key press. For reference I don’t like the feel of my iMac white extended keyboard. The shift key is unreliable. I like the keyboard on my TiBook though.

Didn’t see the back light, but I can see its usefulness.

What else? Mmm the hinge for the screen is like the iBook and I think that is better. And all of the ports are on the sides, which is good if you connect and disconnect stuff a lot. Might be a problem if you leave it parked.

I could sure use a faster AirPort, but that requires a new base station as well.

Those are my thought on the 17″ hope that helps.

New Toy

For my birthday I got a 5GB iPod. Its really cool. I plugged it into my powerbook last night and it downloaded all my music in a few minutes.

I did discover I had 2 copies of almost all of my music. For some reason there was a version in my Music/iTunes Music folder and in my Music folder. Spent some time making sure all of the files were really in iTunes and then tossed the duplicates.

Of course I needed some new music, so I hit LimeWire looking for new stuff. I found I like Pink’s music and need to by her Missundazstood album.

Also like some of Kid Rock’s stuff. Specifically, Country Boy Can Survive, God Only Knows, and to some extent American Bad Ass.

At MacWorld SF

Meant to post something about this last week and forgot. I’m in San Francisco this week working the MacWorld show. Lots of new stuff from Apple.

I’ve seen the new 17″ powerbook and it is cool. When they first announced it I was kind of pissed because I just bought a new TiBook 6 months ago. But It is really big, sure wouldn’t fit in my PowerBook bag. My TiBook doesn’t really fit now.

The 12″ PowerBook is cool too. It is small, which can be cool if that’s your primary need. I really like big screens, since I spend a lot of time doing development on my PowerBook.

Just downloaded the Safari beta while I was writing this from the Internet Cafe at the show and haven’t got a chance to look at it yet. I’ll let you know.

Haven’t had much a chance to look around at the show. If I do I’ll give you a report.

Spaceward Ho

Its amazing how a good games stays good. Used to play Spaceward Ho, waaaay back in the day. A new version just came out and I downloaded and thought I’d just look at it for a moment. And it sucked me in.

Of course I’m not playing it at work. No.