My Next Computer

I have had a Mac laptop as my main computer for over 7 years. Every member of my family has their own laptop and we don’t own a single desktop machine.

That is all about to change.

My boss came in last week and asked if I was planning on buying any new hardware before the end of the month. He asked because we’re Mac developers and there is a special program that give us a hardware discount on a certain number of machines every year. His renewal date is the beginning of Septemeber. So he’ll feel he hasn’t gotten his money’s worth – the program costs $3500/year – if he hasn’t used his hardware purchases by the end of the month. But I told him I wasn’t looking for a new machine unless Apple comes out with something crazy cool at WWDC.

I’ve been contemplating a desktop for about a year now. I do a lot of work in Photoshop and manage a bunch of photographs. To do this you need a fast machine with lots of ram and lots of hard drive space. Laptops don’t do this for you. I’ve got the biggest screen you can get 17″. Laptop drives peek out in size at about 80 GB, and they are slower 5200 speed.

Apple announced their pro desktop machine on Monday called the MacPro. It is crazy cool. And I want one.

So as soon as my boss gets back, or gets the email I sent him and acts on it. I’ll be ordering a MacPro with 2 GB of ram and a 23″ display. It will be bliss. I expect using the tools I use now will be a whole different experience.

Strangely it will probably also mean I will get to have a new laptop as well. My 17″ is worth some money used, so I’ll probably sell it. I’ll set up a user account for myself on my wife’s MacBook and an account for her on the desktop. Then I’ll take the MacBook to work and she can use the desktop during the day, and in the evening we can switch.

MySpace Apple Store Story

Last week before going to Atlanta you may remember my computer was in the for repair. On Thursday night it finally came back and I had to go to the Apple Store in the Woodlands. This is a fairly large Apple store. Bigger than the one in the Galleria.

There are apple computer’s all around the parameter of the store and a few tables in the middle. Almost all of these computers had a teenager at them – including my two. After I got my computer one of my boys was in the bathroom and we were waiting on him. I decided to walk around and see what all these teens were doing on the computers.

Of the probably 20 teens in the store, only my son didn’t have a web browser open to a Myspace page. Even the couple that were playing with PhotoBooth or iChat AV had a browser window open to something on Myspace.

I knew Myspace was big, but this kind of freaked me out.

Take it for what it is worth.

As an aside, I’ve told this story a couple of times in the real world, and it still took me almost a week to tell it on my blog. What’s up with that?

Back Pain and No Computer

On Monday morning I couldn’t get out of bed or stand up straight. My chiropractor was taking three days of spring break off. I thought it would go away if I just laid down for a day, but alas it didn’t. I called and got an appointment with a local chiropractor and missed another day of work on Tuesday. I felt good enough today I came into work, though I’m still in pain.

Apple still has my powerbook. I called yesterday and told them to send it back un-fixed. I really want to before I leave this weekend for the premier of The Best of The Best 2 in Atlanta. Talked to Apple this morning and it should ship out today. And it may be fixed.

I got a new printer in the mail yesterday but didn’t unpack it because I didn’t have my computer. I’ll probably go ahead and unpack it tonight because I want to get my print portfolio full for the weekend and I’m going to be busy Thursday evening.

Since I haven’t been on the computer much this week, I haven’t found a new blog. Need to do that to keep my commitment.